Sunday, May 30, 2010

For Carrie and Bri

Yes, I have been terrible about getting pictures of my beautiful baby up for all to see. I would just rather hold her and spend time with her then take picture and sit and edit them all. I also was busy with packing up my whole house to move to Houston for the summer and getting ready to go to Washington DC, which is where we are at right now and I'm loving every minute of it. I digress, I love my baby and I do have the story of her birth written out and I wanna post it, it just needs a little tweaking. Anyways here are some cute cute images of my baby. :) I love her!!!

The image on the left was taken when she was three weeks old and the image on the right was taken yesterday in the car with my moms Iphone... She is so beautiful!!! I love my baby. 

When my family time settles down, which not going to be for a while, we are here in DC till Wed, then we fly out to Houston for my little brother Matthews High School graduation. Hooray for Dad and Veniece they are finally going to be empty nesters!!! Wooo Hoo!!! Then after the graduation we are heading back to El Paso for a final medical examination for Virginia. She had some hip problems at birth. Then we drive to Houston to stay for the summer. I'm not neglecting my blog i just don't have time.