Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life In Manhattan

We have now lived in Manhattan for over a month now, and in the month we have
  1. Gone to a pre-season Chiefs Football Game. It was the Chiefs vs the Rams. It was fun. We also had amazing seats. On the 35 yard line 8 rows up!!! We had a great time. Baby reached for everything. Got a hold of a few beer cups, those were immediately taken away, Seriously they just left them anywhere. It was all good the people just laughed and joked about it. We had a really good time. We also saw Sam Bradford play again. I have a weird crush on him and am constantly finding myself cheering for the kid. We also saw that Brady Poppinga and Bryan Kehl are on the Rams team and they sat on the bench close to us so I took my chance and yelled down to them and said "Hi" and that "BYU is the best and wished them good luck!" They said "Hi" back... *side note: Dan and I are huge BYU fans. I know most players names on the team and remember them too, even after they stop playing. I was the one that pointed them out standing on the side line.. I have to give myself some props.. Can I get a what what?.. Anyways, Bryan Kehl was also my Sunday School teacher long long ago.. okay not that long ago, 05 to 07. 
  2. Went to Topeka for Labor Day and played at the Zoo and rode the train around the giant park they have there. We also visited the Mall. It's much larger then ours here in Manhattan. We went with some friends from our ward.
  3. Celebrated a 30th Birthday. Dan turned the BIG three zero! It was epic.. not really. It was quiet. 
  4. Virginia's gotten 3 more teeth!! :) Final! 
  5. Have finally heard sirens for tornado warnings, it was a practice alert, no worries
  6. Have made some great friends here in Manhattan, the Andes, There's Rik, Michelle their kids, Chloe, Hyrum, Kate (Katherine) and Annabelle. Rik works in the program with Dan and is also a photographer here in Manhattan. They are also in our ward. Seriously they are awesome! We love hanging out with them.
  7. Gotten a new computer... My beautiful, lightening fast, mac!! Saved enough of my Photography earnings! Ha go me! 
  8. Gone to the splash park several times. It's closed now which is really sad, *cue the sad bottom lip. Cold weather is approaching.. but i love me some changing fall color and I now live in a place that actually gets those magnificat colors! 
  9. Dan got to go to a K-State game, for free. I was a little jealous but it was all good. I went over to the Andes while Dan went with Rik and the older kids. Those games almost always sell out and the cheapest seat are 75 buck-a-roos.
  10. We gave talks in church.. I know, right? We had been here for 4 Sunday and we got asked to give talks.. crazy scary!.. I also know a calling is coming. Dan got his, he's in scouts... I'm sure it'll be like nursery or something primary related. I would love to serve in the Primary again. 
There is also this amazing park just a stones throw away from us. We've gone several times to play there and the other day I took my film and digital camera and grabbed a few of Virginia. I have not shot with film since school so it was a little nerve racking. I kept trying to preview my images. I totally forgot how much slower I am when shooting film. I love it!! I miss it and don't be surprised if you see some more images with film. There are a lot... again i do many images for my Grandma Cannon. I know how much she love seeing Virginia. I shot the film last so it's a little darker.. If you can't tell which images are film and which are digital.. the film are the first images and the digital images start at her big goofy smile.

 She loves to talk and say "uh-oh" and "Wow, wow, whoa whoa whoa!" I caught her in her "whoa" part. 

I love my little girls smile. Look at how cute she is! I love her. She never looks at the camera anymore so this was a rare smile caught by me on camera! This is her constantly, laughing, giggling, I love it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Darth Vader for Tom Tom

I am the nerdiest of nerds.. okay some people do have me beat by a lot, but I LOVE Star Wars. The best movies ever created kinda nerd.. like, I went to all three of the new movies midnight showings.. camped out with friends.. I even saw the midnight showings of the rereleased digital versions of the original Star Wars.. anyways, we purchased the blu rays of Star Wars the other day and on one of the special feature blu ray discs, they have a Star Wars spoofs thing. It's about and hour and 30 minutes and I watched every one. It was fantastic. Here is where my nerdiness comes in.. the first skit was Weird Al's song about "The Phantom Menace". Yes.. i knew all the words. Sad, I know. They seriously saved the best for last.. and I might have been living in a hole for the last year, cause i had know idea about this video. I was laughing so hard i snorted and then eventually started to cry. It is ledgen... wait for it.. dary.

"You should have seen his face when I told him I was his father".....

Peace and Enjoy