Friday, February 27, 2009

What The Heck!!!! I'm Pissed!

I'm shock, amazed, enraged!!! Seriously, who does this. I was floating around the Internet this morning and i found this video on yahoo.com. Watch it!!!! It's about an adoption agency that told Samoan families that their children will be cared for and be able to get an education in America and return back to Samoa when they are 18, while telling the American families that were "housing them" that they are orphans from Samoa and are in need of adoption.

Of course i was curious and i continued my search to this site (http://www.sltrib.com/ci_11782689) It's a little more detailed about what happened.

I'm pissed what kind of a judge does this. He only slaps them on the hand and tells them that they can not participate ever again with a adoption agency. What? did they just say their sorry and that it will never happen again, while flashing their temple recommends, proving to the judges that they are, good honest people who pay their tithing and if a bishop thinks that i can have a recommend then I'm not a bad person?

Then some idiot said this in the comments page.

"no blood no foul these good people took children from a bunch of hicks barely a generation out of the trees, and placed them with loving Mormon families. where was the harm? think of the children. why is no one thinking of the children?"

What the hell is this person saying.? Good people? Okay by this person standards, a good person lies and cheats people out of happiness. How is someone so naive? I don't have children but i can't even imagine the pain both families are going through right now.

This was not right and that judge is an idiot.

I'm so pissed i can't even think straight!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Ambassadors

Last night BYU's Young Ambassador group preformed at UTEP. They were fantastic. Not quite a Broadway performance but, man, did some of them have pipes. Some couldn't dance to well but they did great while others just were fantastic dancers. They performed a combination of songs that have inspired the music industry and have had a very high impact on "America's culture and the way of life." (quoted from the play bill) It starts out with the oldest songs 1st and goes through the decades. It was really fun.

Dan and I also got the opportunity to house two of the performers named Zach and Chris. They slept on air beds that i think deflated alot during the night. Not good. We also only had one full size bed sheet that i had to makeshift into two twin size sheets. They're troopers. I made them a sack lunch for today. I felt like a mom sending her sons off to school this morning.

Zach was a performer,(he's the boy in the red shirt on the right) for his solo song he got to play Fiyero from the musical Wicked. He was awesome. They also sang the song "Defying Gravity" from wicked too. The girl who played Elphaba had some lungs.

Chris was in the Show Band. (He's in the image above) On the drive home i found out that we actually could have hung out during high school with one another. He went to Timp View while i went to Orem. His cousins went to Orem and he preferred to hang out with them then his schoolmates. He named not just several friends that i hung out, but my clan. The friends i have kept in contact with he doesn't remember, but he remembers all the people that annoyed the heck out of me. Two names, Issac Hess and Aaron Sutherland. He's good friends with Aaron still but hates Issac as much as me. Issac has gotten better since High School. I need to give him some credit.

There was one girl that I could not stop watching. (She's the second one in the image) Her dance style was just beautiful. She had gorgeous lines and she extended her movements. Ahhh! Beautiful. Apparently she tried to flirt with Dan when they had lunch at the Institute earlier in the day. Anyone who know Dan knows he doesn't flirt. I married a Hottie. :) Anyways, I wanted to be up there so bad and dance with them. I miss it like crazy! I need to take classes or something.

So what I'm trying to tell you is.......Go watch BYU's Young Ambassadors when you get the chance! Seriously you will not be disappointed.


Love Michelle

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...Take a look, it's in a book, Reading Rainbow.....

Since Dec 19th i have read a number of books. I think it breaks my recorder for the most amount of books read in a period of time. Anyways, Since Dec. 19th i have read

Santa Cruise by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark
(Do not Judge me! I had a 14 hour drive down to El Paso and it was literally the only book on tape that Cracker Barrel had for me to listen to. I do not suggest this one at all!! It was that bad.)

Moving on, i've read;

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Believing Christ by Stephen E Robinson

I'm currently reading Anna Karenina, I just started it but more on that later.

All of these books i recommend people should read. They all are of a different genera, I'm positive that one of these books will tickle your interest. I promise not to give anything away about the book.

Sunday's at Tiffany's is a love story. It's a little bazaar, just like the whole Grey's Anatomy and having sex with a dead guy. Really?!! We're suppose to believe that? Anyways, it's that kinda of bazaar, but if you are looking for a makes you feel good happy love book, i suggest this one. I really enjoyed this book.. about love, finding your soul mate and living happily ever after with one another.. I just got married give me a break. I also loved the underlining theme. Read it is a good one.

Me Talk Pretty One Day is a really funny book, but you have to be open to it and learn David's sense of humor. David is really one of the funniest authors. All of David's books are memories of his life. Extremely funny memories. He's a New Yorker so there is some language in the book. If you are looking for a laugh out loud book read it. If you are looking for something that is edifying and has a good moral statement, this is not that book.

The Red Tent. This book was awesome!!! I really enjoyed this one. It's about the life of woman in biblical time. It tells the story of Dinah, Jacob's daughter. Jacob, father of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I really liked how Anita writes. She draws you in to the story. It's not to heavy either, you can read the book with ease and not have to put it down after a few pages. When i was reading it, time just flew. It was easy to get trapped into the story.

Wicked. Fantastic! I really really like this one. It's dark but good, so good. It's the novel the musical was based off of. If you have seen the musical the book is nothing like it. Nothing! I finished that one yesterday that is why i am starting to read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Lizzy read in a while back and she liked it. I saw it at Barnes and Noble for 7 bucks and a purchased it. Wicked is a little heavy so be aware. At one point i got so upset with what was happening i stopped reading it for a few days. I needed to cool off. I was really outraged about one particular part of the book, but it needed to happen for the book to finish.

Believing Christ! Wonderful! amazing! spiritually book to read. It just opens your eyes to the Gospel. I've read it before but wanted to read it again. One of my dear dear friends is leaving for her mission on the 18th of this month. Hooray that we will be in the same state but tragic that she will be more then 10 hours away from us. Anyways, i give this book to almost every friend that has gone on a mission. It's her turn to receive it and i wanted to reread it before i gave it up again. It's a beautiful quick read, but since it is a religious book it's a bit heavy but fun. It's the first time that i have read it since going through the temple. I was able to ponder deeper and more clearly, then previous reads. It's good!

Those are my books. If i read another one and deem it worth, i will be sure to tell you to read it.

Michelle Morgan

Thursday, February 5, 2009

El Paso Texas, Star of The Southwest

Dan and I have now officially lived in El Paso Texas for one month. To be honest, it's really not that bad. It could be worse, i could be living in New Mexico. I'm pretty sure that when the summer hits i will be singing a different tune, but for right now it's simply marvelous. I wake up each morning with crisp cool air and by the afternoon it's a beautiful day of about 68. It compares to a typical Utah April day. Sunsets here are the most beautiful i have ever seen. When that sun is setting and it hits the mesa in the west, the sky just sings with beauty. It's unbelievable.

The people here in El Paso are the kindest people you will ever meet too. I thought Orem was the nicest people, but oh no no no no! El Paso has them beat!

What else about El Paso...Or Texas?.... Texas LOVES Texas. They have paraphernalia stores dedicated to the one, the only, great state of..... TEXAS. All radio stations are in Spanish except the ones that i have programed into my radio which comes out to equal 5. Yes, that's right five english radio stations! It's brown/grey here, no green. Announcements over the intercom at Albertsons and Walmart are in Spanish. Mesa is a street just like Orem's State, where everything is located on it and it's just as gross/ugly, if not more. Downtown looks like it's been raped over and over again. Dan and I live so close to the New Mexico/Texas boarder that we weave in and out of both states when just driving to his uncle's or mom's place. Mind you they are both only a less then ten minute drive. Mexican Restaurant don't need a slogan saying "we're 110% athentic mexican food." The Freeway, sometimes, is the only thing that seperates Texas from Mexico. I have a list of street I am never allowed to drive on with out Dan in the car. Wow, it really seems like I actually hate this place, in truth i don't. I'm just was telling you some of the querks about El Paso. It's quite a different world down here.

I got a job. Monday was my 1st day. I work at a company called PSRBB. They are an architectural firm. I'm only the front desk girl, but hey, it pays the bills. There is about 24 people all together. They are all so very nice to work with. I get on average about 4 calls an hour. It's not very fast but hey i don't complain. It's very simple work. I pick up the phone, then transfer it to the correct person. I'm just doing this till i get my feet planted in photography down here. It's going to take a few months. Hopefully i get some work.

Dan is doing his school thing. He likes his teachers and enjoys his classes. He's taking an online course were he usually complains about the intelligence of his other group members. I guess the teacher has split them up into different groups. For an online class Dan sure does do a lot.