Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Virginia at 9 months

We might as well squeeze 8 months in here too. With Christmas and Weddings I never got around to it.

I also can not produce pictures right now. My computer charger gave out. We have not had a working computer for 24 hours now!!! It was working great before we left for Albuquerque but when we got home Saturday night, the light on the power cord was not on and the computer was dead. We fiddled with it for a few minutes and then left it alone. When we woke up Sunday it decided to start working during the night and we had a almost fully charged computer on our hands :) and throughout the day it did occasionally give us some charges. It finally decided to die for good yesterday. Boo...

So Virginia at 9 months. I really can't believe how time has flown by this year. Seriously this had been the fastest year ever! When I was in school life always seemed to be in slow motion. Enough about me this post is suppose to be about Virginia, also have i ever mentioned how much I LOVE being a Mom? Cause i do. I love love LOVE it!

1. She self feeds herself now, just bottle tho. It's actually has opened up my time alot. I just make the bottle put her in the love sac and she good to go by her self. She also gets really annoyed when one of us helps her to feed. She wants to do it by herself. :)

2. She can pick up those tiny, cheerio size, Gerber treats with her index finger and thumb. She doesn't make the fist like she used to. It's quiet the accomplishment I believe. :)

3. She pulls herself up on the furniture and walks around it supporting herself with it. Yesterday we were at the her Doctor's office for her 9 month check up and she loved just standing on the chair. She got so excited. She would stomp her feet up and down on the chair while screaming. It was so super cute. She would also squat and then laughed/scream at her squatting abilities. :)

4. She loves to climb on things. Mom, Dad, Love Sac to couch, down couch to Love Sac. She's getting super fast at it.

5. She's been doing this for months now but I don't think that I have mentioned it. She a little vain and loves to look at herself, weather in be a picture on the wall, image on the cell phone, or seeing herself in the mirror, she just starts to kick her legs in excitement and giggles. It happens every time to without fail.

6. She loves her solid foods. When we first started to introduce her to solids she always gave a face, even if she had it before, but always wanted more. The only thing that has changed is the face. She's stopped giving it on every little thing that goes in her mouth.

7. She is a little talker. Has always been one but she just talks all the time now. I think that her blabbing is now a language. We can't understand it but she sure is saying something with it. :) She also finally said Mama!!! Hooray, It was the other day and Dan and I where sitting on the bed with her while getting ready for the day, when she crawled up to me and went Mama Mama and then proceeded to climbed all over me. :) She hasn't said it again since but that was only two days ago. She's always said mama but always when she was super tired and while crying. It wasn't the real Mama.

8. She loves children. She plays awesome with them. When she sees one she laughs, gives them a smile and kicks her little feet.

9. She loves thrills but hates being scared. It's funny. She loves to be thrown in the air, pretend to be dropped..etc but she hates when I hide and she comes looking for me and I go BOO!! She jumps so high, gives the cutest face, then starts to cry.  She is definitely like mom when it comes to thrills and scares. I hate being scared. I hate haunted houses, scary movies... etc. I love me a good thrill, like roller coasters and other dare devil, gut wrenching things.

10. She's so stinking fast now when she crawls. It's insane how fast she is.

11. When she sits, she claps her hands together. Usually when she claps her hands together, she gets really excited that she did it then giggles/screams while she continues to clap her hands. :)

12. She is now playing with her toys instead of us forcing her to play with them and us playing with her. She loves this animal sound one that we purchased for her when we got home from Utah. It's from Great Grandma Cannon. She loves it cause she can smack and hit it and it makes sounds. :)

13. Last one, she loves to hit and smack things and pulls Mom's hair all the time.

These are just a few things that she is doing right now.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Weekend

Two Things that are happening this weekend.

1. We are off to Albuquerque for a Temple trip. Woo Hoo. We have not been to the Temple in over a year. I feel awful but I am super excited! Our ward here in El Paso has planned the trip. It should be super fun.

2. Virginia turns 9 months! holy goodness, where has the time gone?

We live such an exciting life. :)

Have a great weekend everyone :) I know I will. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I wanted to do a year in review post..... I think that I still will but post mark it before all of this.. so never mind about my lame excuse for laziness was going to be.

I'm back at work now. It was a great two week break. I love that my work gives it's employee's a week and half off for the Christmas Holidays. We didn't have to be to work till the 3rd. Awesome!

We purchased a new car. Hooray! We feel we got a really good deal on it. We purchased a 2007 Mazda CX-7. We love it. We weren't looking at Mazda's at first, what we were looking at were the Honda CR-V's. We wanted a bigger car for our future growing family... No I am not preggers and will not be for a while. We love it. We did a lot of research and exploring and then when we sat in the CX-7 both Dan and I fell in love. It was bigger by far then all of the other small SUV's we had been in and were looking at. It was the first pre-owned car that looked almost brand new inside as well.  The others had been cleaned but they were definitely used. This one had to have been owned by a bachelor who had no kids. It's a gorgeous cobalt blue, with no dings scratches... etc.

This one was also certified pre-owned. We actually never even got to go to the Hyundai dealership because of how much we fell in love with this car. My twin got a Santa Fe at the end of summer and she loves it and I've been in it a few times and she let me drive it to see if I like it and I loved it. Oh well. We got suckered. :) We also really liked the guy that sold us the car, Gabe. We went to the dealership that he works for first, told him our situation. He didn't pressure us, he just showed us around and then we left and went to some other dealerships. Before we left, Rudolph Honda, the dealership we were at, they have another dealership, Mazda, on the other side of town with some used cars we wanted to look at. Gabe told us to come back either the next day or the day after and he would drive us over there to look at them so we didn't have to waste the gas, nice right? Anyways with the other dealerships we got hammered with salesman everytime and at one place we had 4 people get on us to get a car that we didn't even want we just sat in it. So after our great experience with Gab we decided to try and stick with him. The next day we went to the Mazda dealership were our car was waiting for us. :) We sat in all the ones that Gabe pulled up on their inventory the day before but decided to take the Mazda out for a test drive. It is awesome. Smooth, quiet and perfect. It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles but I'm not into all that. I need something that has awesome trunk room, which it does, is roomy for growing kids and car seats, is an automatic, I'm done with sticks for awhile, and gets me from point A to point B.. I'm pretty simple... although i do want an iphone. :) I think that is the only really spiffy thing that I want in my possession. I also want a Dyson and a steam vac thingy. So three things. Anyways... we love our new car and constantly fight about who gets to drive or not.

My supervisor, Susan, just had her first grand kid. Before baby-E was born I told Susan I would love to shoot some infant photos for them to get my portfolio up. It was fantastic. I also did a few family sessions before the holidays but i don't really feel like getting those up.

Baby E was super cute and big. He was 9 lbs. My baby was 7. Big difference between the sizes.

We also went on a date this last weekend. It was fantastic. Baby slept over at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's for the night while we went to dinner and saw the Tourist. My Dad loved it when he saw it during the holidays, so we thought we would give it a shot. I usually like the movies my dad likes. It was good. I really enjoyed it. It doesn't really take a lot for me to like movies. Just a good plot and some good acting. :) I also do enjoy those super lame movies.. I kinda want to see the Human Centipede. Seriously it exists. See...

The poster says that it's 100% medically accurate. What the?

Dan starts up school next week... Hooray! It's his last semester! Then on to the unknown. Scary.
He's been working really hard on his thesis and getting all the recordings he needs for it over the break. Wish him luck that he doesn't get to stressed about it and that writing the thesis will be super smooth. :)

Babes is being babes. She is super cute and teething. She wakes up sometimes during the night. It's not that big of a deal but it sure does interrupt my sleep. :) Poor girl. She also had some exploding diarrhea last week for about 4 days. We called her doctors office to see if we can giver her some pedialite, on the bottle it said for 1 year and older and they told us that it's going around with infants right now and it last about 3 to 5 days. That we can give her some pedialite and the only time that we need to be super concerned and bring her in to see the doctor is if she has a fever. Which she never got. We just needed to keep her hydrated. During those days she was still as smiley as ever but just more clingy then usual. She's always been a cuddlier but she just always wanted to be in my lap.

That is us for now.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Month Of December

I am apologizing in advanced for all the blogs i am about to put up.

Oh my goodness. I feel I have not been on this for a few weeks, cause i haven't. The minute we got up to Utah, I honestly had no time on my hands.. I didn't even get to check out the sites i stalk. :( oh well, now I have something to do at work. :) I didn't even get to see all the wonderful friend of mine i wanted. Granted, my sister did get married on the 20th. That put a small damper on things. :) 

We were up in Utah for just about two weeks. We got there the evening of the 15th and left the morning of the 27th.

We had a marvelous time and I apologize to all the people that I did not see. Seriously if you had my schedule you wouldn't have seen any body either. I barely got to see Miss Carrie and her beautiful new girl Eli, Miss Bri Guy and Rilo, Alisha and Eric and Miss Pamala. To all the people i wanted to see, Lisa, Allison, Stina, and Amanda.. I am truly truly sorry... there are also reason to why I didn't try super hard to see people... mostly... a car accident that happened days before we took off. 

Christmas was fantastic. :) We had snow!! Hooray for White Christmases. :) We started by opening up a few presents. Not all of them, family was not over yet but Dan and I opened up our gifts we got for one another with Virginia. Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Griffin's for their very traditional Christmas breakfast. It was crazy packed just like every year. Usually we are some of the last people to get there and are the last to leave but with everyone's different time commitments we settled on getting there right when it started. Then we went back to Elizabeth and Patrick's place to exchange presents with Dad, Veniece and Family. Then it was back to Mom's to help with dinner. Once everyone got over there we finally had our own family gift exchange. It was fun and we had a great Christmas. It was not to bad for Virginia's first. :)

Once we got home to El Paso we got to see Lovey and Andrew for a few days and got together with everyone down here for dinner and gift exchanging before they took off back to Louisville.

But before we left for the Holidays... Dec 10th to be exact. I got in an awful head on collision. It was no bueno. Do not worry about me I am fine. We got x-rays taken of my spin right after the accident and no fractures.. no splits, nothing out of line. Just small whip lash which the doctor said would go away after a few weeks. I was sore for a few days but nothing i couldn't stand. I feel great. I do get stiff every once in awhile but that is to be expected for the next couple of months.

Now for some images.

On the 10th of Dec we also had our Ward Christmas party... Babies first Santa visit. :) I was not feeling so hot because of what happened earlier in the day... the car accident, so we did not stay to long. We went for dinner and Santa. We were there for about 45 minutes.  While Virginia was on Santa's lap I snapped these images.

I didn't bring my nice camera nor my little point and shoot. I just spaced it. My cousin Jenny let me use hers and I was so very grateful that she did. What baby gives that big of a smile white sitting on Santa. Most scream!! My niece Audrey's first visit with Santa was the best... seriously it was so funny. I loved it. Go here to read the story.

Everyone did awe's when they saw the smile and so many parents and friends came up to me and said that I was so luck. All their kids cried bloody murder when they were put on his lap.

Here are a few from my sister wedding and visiting up in Utah.

 I love her!

 She could not crawl cause the dress was to long so we tucked the dress into the bow in the back. She was so dang cute crawling around the place.

 Baby loved taking her bath in Grandma sick. It was just the right size for her. She also loved playing with that cup, not her toys but the cup.

 I shot these last night. I didn't get many. I want to retry what i was trying to do. Virginia was super cranky so i let her play with her diaper box and she gave me these faces. :)

Here are a few images of  the car crash. It happened right in front of my work building. My supervisor, Susan, didn't see it but she was about a minute behind me and came to help and the owner of the company, Tommy, he was outside getting the paper. He didn't see it either cause he was bent down getting the paper, but heard the noise then looked up and saw me with my bright yellow coat getting out of my car. 

I am not proud of this but a slue of profanities came roaring out of my mouth to the boy... he was like 19.... but once i got on the phone with the dispatcher I just started crying. 

The image above is not the sharpest but you can see the double yellow line and see that he is all the way in my lane. I had not way of getting around him even thou i tried. ( I can talk about this now cause the insurance has determined liability and it was not me. I'm sure i could have talked about it but i didn't want to get into trouble)  Apparently though, I didn't hear this but Susan did. When he started giving his statement to the police, he started to blame me but then the police set him straight and said stop lying. Awesome right! Go El Paso Police!!

Even though it was awful and something I hope, wish and pray doesn't happened to my friends or family, we are just grateful it's not worse. It could be.. so count the blessing right? 
We have gotten a new car... I'm going to wait to post about what we got and our experience with car dealerships but we are super stoked about it. :) 


To All My Dear Family and Friends

Dear wonderful people whom I wanted to get this out to,

I sent these out to get printed. When I went to pick them up they looked terrible and I returned them. I had no time to have them get printed again and get them out before i left for my sisters wedding and Christmas and then I got in a car accident that totaled my car... I will explain that later..but for now know that I love you all and hopefully next year you will get our Christmas card.