Thursday, August 25, 2011

Splash Park Fun!

On Tuesday, it hit just about 100 here in Manhattan, KS. To cool down, we decided, after Dan got home from work, to go to the local splash park. This has been our 2nd time going to the splash park in.... oh.. um 10 days. It's so cute and just the right size. In El Paso, at the outlet malls, they have a fountain type splash thing but it's not awesome like this little park. El Paso is to cheap to ever make something like this. Virginia loves it! When I pulled out her swimsuit she got really excited. She knows, with that outfit, she's going to have a good time. My little water bug! I also got a little snap happy. Sorry!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Worthy Moments

I thought that I would share some blog worth moments that little miss virginia has graced us with. I want to remember them so that is why I am putting them up on the blog.

She has started to throw things away. Not random things that shouldn't be thrown away, crossing fingers that never happens, but throwing things we ask her to throw away and she knows is trash. At our place in El Paso,  the kitchen didn't really have a good place for our trash can to hide. So we got a bigger one with a lid. The first time she surprised us was right after she got her diaper changed. I was getting it ready to throw away and as I was she stood up took it from my hands and threw it in the trash. It was so so cute. I of course washed her hands and thank goodness it was not poopie.  Last week we still didn't have our kitchen completely unpacked and had a few boxes sitting about. She would take trash items.. gummy wrappers, diaper wipes (clean!! she just loves getting in to diaper wipes)... etc and put them into a box cause she thought all that was trash. Dan and I had to go and fish them out and put it in the real trash, which is now in a closet that we can close!! Woo Hoo!!!

She just loves little people. She hugs them all the time, and on our first Sunday in our new ward here in Manhattan she saw a small boy about her age and walked right up to him and gave him a giant hug. He didn't really know what to do so he pushed her away. That usually happens too when she give hugs.

In El Paso, Virginia had these wall mounted bookshelf's that I purchased at Ikea. I love them. I displayed a few pictures, trinkets, as well as some of her books on them. My baby girl loves books and anytime we got her up, whether it be from her naps or getting up in the morning, she wanted a book from her shelf. She'd stick out her arm, grunt, I'd take her over and she would pick her book.  ( I do plan on getting her room ready so that she can have her books on display again... eventually)

She is champ at walking now. She is teaching herself to run. It's super cute. She screams as she does it then biffs so hard but gets right back up and is at it again.

She's finally getting teeth. The first one broke through last week sometime. Its her upper right one. Now she has three that are visible.

That girl giggles and laughs so hard when she gets tickled. I love it and can not resist tickling her a few times throughout the day.

At Robert and Sally's place, in El Paso, they have a tramp. They also have put a small stepping ladder beside it to let the kids get up and down more easily. Well Virginia decide that she wanted to conquer that stepping ladder and she did. She loves loves that tramp and before Dan or I were the only ones that could get her up there. Sometimes we didn't want her going up there and she didn't like that, so she choose to conquer and show mom and dad who is boss. She climbs it crazy fast. I made sure that I was around her when she'd do it of course. I just love how fearless she is on some things.. but when it comes to crossing outside door thresholds or a small bump in a sidewalk she is so very slow and uses caution.

About three days ago Virginia learned a new word that she loves. "Uh Oh" She uses it now for everything.

And just today while she was occupied playing with her toys, I sat on the couch and started using the computer about 15 minutes passes and she climbed on the couch and sat on moms lap and decided to take a rest. It was so so cute. I quickly grabbed this shot from my computers camera.

I just love this girl.