Monday, May 23, 2011

50 State Callenge

I'm working full time this week. The girl that usually works in the afternoon is out on vacation and since Dan is not in school nor does he start working at EPCC till next week, May 31, I can come in and fill in that time.

If you don't know my twin or I, we are very very competitive against each other. That slight info makes this an even better little story.

There is a site called addictinggames.com and when I was working full time before my baby came along, Lizzy and I would get on it all the time and challenge each other to do a game better then the other. Today's game and challenge, 50 States and you are to place the shape of the state where it's suppose to go on a map of the USA. Go till you are wrong where the state is suppose to go. *we gave each other a five mile leeway or if you got some random state and you failed on your first try then you got to start again.

So far... I am the winner and it's 16!... my dreaded states... Kansas and Kentucky.


I challenge all of you!! I know someone else can do better. If you do do it, I want to know what your number was so comment below.

{Disclaimer} the minute you are off by 5 miles on the state that is it. Count how many you did perfect to that point and that is your number... I got 16 perfect then was off by 50 miles on stupid Kentucky... my downfall!

Here is a screen shot lizzy did for me really fast to show you what we are talking about. She got six perfect then messed up on Nebraska.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy Crazy Crazy!

Our life is about to get a little crazy.

First and by far the most important...Dan Graduates from UTEP with his Masters in Linguistics this week. I am so very very proud of my husband. He as worked so hard for this. I love him so so very much. Thursday is pre-commencement, where it's his schools little thing. He will get his cap and gown presented to him, be able to walk across the stage... etc. I will be there in all glory with my camera!

Saturday is commencement where we will sit for a few hours listening to people go on and on and on and on about how life is amazing and this is a great accomplishment for the students of UTEP. I'm making him do this. We've spent how much for his degree. He needs to give me this. :)

Second, My mom and grandma come in on Wed afternoon to celebrate in the festivities of Dan's graduation. They will be here till Monday. I can't wait to show them some of the better parts of El Paso. When then came out for Virginia's birth we were a little unable to show them things see as how i had just had a major operation to get my little one out of me. I was not in the entertaining mood. Which they both understood.

Third, Dan has a interview tomorrow teaching or tutoring at EPCC for the summer.. or something like that. Then he fly up to Utah this coming Monday to interview at UVU. Cross your fingers we get one or the other. I just want a job.

Fourth, I have two!! that's right two weddings back to back. One this Saturday on the 14th and one on the 21st... I'm so excited to do them and nervous. It's going to be great and I will post a preview on this website then you can head over to my photoblog and check more out there.

Sixth, Dan's sister Lovey and her husband Andrew are coming in for the wedding that is on the 21st. Cousins of ours.

We also have some birthday so celebrate this month within the families.

May is looking to be the most exhausting of them all so far...