Friday, July 31, 2009

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8 Things I'm looking forward to

  1. The Weekend
  2. BYU VS OKLAHOMA! Yeah that's right I'm going!!!!
  3. Starting A family someday with my Hubby! (NO, I"M NOT PREGO!!!)
  4. Seeing my family on the 12th of Aug!!!
  5. Nursery on Sunday. (I do love it that much!)
  6. Going to Utah and Getting Paid to do what i LOVE!!!!!
  7. For Fall to start..... dang El Paso Heat!
  8. Getting my hair cut by Mike!!!! Haazah!!!

8 Things I did this weekend
  1. Went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
  2. Went to the Gym
  3. Did some Laundry
  4. Went to a GIANT ward activity and shot the event for them
  5. Went to Sally and Roberts for Sunday dinner
  6. Swam at Sally and Roberts
  7. Had snack time with the Nursery Kids
  8. Jumped on a Tramp

8 Things I wish I could do
  1. Be making good money doing Photography
  2. Speak another language
  3. BE AT BAND CAMP!!! I miss it so so much.....GEEK and proud of it!
  4. Purchase a House!
  5. Sew
  6. Juggle....I've always wanted to do it
  7. Live in a foreign place for a while....like England or Spain....I'd do Egypt darling.
  8. Dance on Broadway

8 Shows I watch
  1. Arrested Development (I think that this show will always be my favorite.....I'm a Monster ....I just blue myself.... STEVE HOLT!!)
  2. So You Think You Can Dance
  3. How I met your Mother
  4. Dexter
  5. South Park
  6. Better off Ted
  7. Grey's Anatomy
  8. Samantha Who?

8 Places I'd like to travel to
  1. Brazil
  2. Greece
  3. Italy...again
  4. England
  5. San Fransisco/Lake Tahoe
  6. Egypt
  7. Thailand.... Down stairs neighbor, Caroline, is from there and she has seriously the best clothes and I want them!
  8. Like Lizzy,....EVERY Cruise we could every think of.

8 or 12 People I Tag
  1. Um....if you do it, Just say i Tagged you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Primary Day Activity Pictures

These are some of the images that I took for the Primary Fourth of July Activity that our ward had.
It was the first time i really took me new 50 mm lens out to shoot with and I LOVED it!!!!!

Took me a minute to adjust to how my new lens takes in light, but once I started going, I was on fire!!! I took over 500 picture for the event. No worries i narrowed it down a ton for the Prezidency. But it's nice for me to have them.


Check out the awesome depth of field my new lens gives me!!!


Since this lens is very very picky, I'm sad that Audrey's face is a little blurry cause her and Holden's face were not on the same depth plane.

Holden and Audrey are seriously the cutest kids. They are Robert and Sally's grandchildren (Robert = Dan's Uncle) and I get to play with them tonight. We're going over to Robert and Sally's and having a swimming party! Audrey is in the Nursery with Dan and I. :) I love teaching her. Audrey is two and one half and Holden is six. They have a baby sister, Allison, who is 11 months and Jenny is five months along, almost 6 with Nick and Jenny's fourth.


This is Jasper and Ethan. They are best friends. They are also in the Nursery with us and Ethan is our little star pupil. He's so SMART. How can a three year old be so smart? Here's a little story of how intelligent this kid is;

Ethan actually just moved to Arizona right after the fourth. (It's very sad) This weekend our ward, the Franklin 5th, celebrated it's 50th Anniversary of when it was created and our ward had a HUGE extravaganza for it. Again, they asked me to shoot the event. Since Ethan only moved to Arizona which is about a five and a half hour drive, they came back and Cariss, Ethan's mom's parents live here. Cariss told me this story at the event.

While in Arizona Ethan wanted to write Jasper a letter. Cariss got out some paper and crayons thinking that he would just draw Jasper a picture. At one point Ethan asked his mom "how do you spell 'Jasper'?" Cariss thought that he wanted her to write it for him but he was like "No mom, i wanna do it." So she tells him each letter to Jasper's name and HE WRITES EACH LETTER!!! A THREE YEAR OLD?!?!?! WOW! it gets better. Cariss then asks Ethan, "Don't you just wanna draw him a picture?" and Ethan's response was "No Mom, I wanna write him a letter." and then continued to ask Cariss how to spell words.

WOW!!! oh my gosh!

I just hope one of my children is that smart.


People went nuts with the decorations for the parade


These kids would not stop playing in the duck pond!

Sister Jolly, left, and Sister Forsyth, right. Both in the Primary Prez.


Don't know who she is but I liked all the red.


Ethan and his mom Cariss. LOVE THIS KID!



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Awesomeness of Going Green!!!

I have been a green freak for a while now, I take my cute little reusable bags to stores and such.... but i don't push it on people, not a great way to get people to actually take a step in the right direction, Anyways, I watched the most awesomeist movie last night.

"Who killed the Electric Car" click here to go to their website. It's not a Micheal Moore style film either. It's a REAL documentary! Dan and I put this in are Net Flix quere right when we got the flix and it took us almost four weeks to get this movie cause it was constantly out. :) Which makes me so happy that people are watching this movie.

It's a great film and i think that most people who are all about the Green Cleaning, they need to watch this and support things and get more active in doing so.

I'm not a hippie by any means, but i do wanna try and reduce my carbon foot print. I'm not a "globe warming's going to kill us all" freak either. I wanna do what is right for this beautiful planet of ours.

This is why i LOVE California so much. They are constantly pushing the states to better the environment and why I wanna live in Europe. They are awesome at this clean living thing. Did you know that in Australia they are giving grants to families to encourage them to put in solar power products. AwEsOmE!

The Toyota Prius, is already stirring up the Oil industry and pissing them off. Have you ever driven in one? A friend i grew up with owns one and it's so quiet. It was the best to use when we did pranks or would do the typical Mormon "big extravaganza" way to ask someone out. Yes, her Dad was a green freak way back in 2001 and got one of the first Prius's to hit the United States and did she get the car? She sure did! Going back to how AWESOME the Prius is, the third generation is great. It has the solar panel on the top to power all the electrical things in the car and also will cool down your car on hot hot days, meaning it doesn't even have to be on! it just does it's self and vice verse when it's cold out side too.

But they already have a fifth or sixth generation roaming around Japan and you know what it does? Hate FDA! It plugs in now and you can get almost 100 MPG. Google it, go on do it! It's not going to be on sale to who knows when but it's going to be in Showrooms in 2010!! Awesome, and unlike the Electric car, the EV1 that Saturn put out, which needed the charging stations and it got 60 mile to the charge, where you also had to install an expensive charge station at your home, this car charges from any regular socket!! Cool right? Those little cute Asian boys are such forward thinkers! LOVE that they are the ones pushing the car company's to do awesome things with their own cars! Like Chevy, will never own one, but their new small SUV gets 35 MPG city and you can get 600 t0 650 miles on one tank Highway!

I also got to drive around in a ZENN, Zero Emissions No Noise, car. My last semester in college, a incredibly odd looking car was always in the parking lot that i would park in. One day i got incredible curious and decided to look at the car, get the name and then Google it. While my head was pressed up against the window, the owner scares me by asking "Do you wanna ride?" I said yes and he took me around the parking lot and told me all about the Zenn. He was an older man, who was a quest lecture for some computer science classes that semester. He was so cool, and thought that it was great that a "young kid" like me was so interested in the Environment. It's a sweet car. Check it out Here. Oh and the best part about the ZENN! it's not operated or made by any of the big oil car companies! It can't stop it's progress! GO ZENN MOTOR COMPANY!

I'm also very happy that I married a man who is also very green too. We hope to wait out purchasing a new car until something comes out that is just unbelievable. My car is almost 11 years old, we are praying that it last at least another 3 to 4 years, I know that it will cause Dan and I take care of our cars but you never know.

Sorry to bore you with my excitement on what is happening with the way we live. But i just wanted to talk about it for a few. :)



Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am El NINO

I'm really really really...... bored at work today!

I was reading a article and apparently EL NINO! is back attacking our weather patterns.

While reading the article, i laughed out loud cause i remembered this skit of Chris Farley. :)



Monday, July 6, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AmErIcA!!!!

AMERICA, Heck yeah!!!!

Our holiday events actually started Thursday night, where Dan and I went to Robert and Sally's to be Life Guards for the party that they were having. Was Dan a Hero? He was. A little girl decided to practice swimming and took off her floaties, she got scared started screaming etc.. Dan jumped in and saved the day. :) My little hero, he got an applause from the audience. :)

Friday we went over to Robert and Sally's for a family bar-b-que. Two other families from the ward came. Ethan and Josh, two of our cutest kids in the nursery came with their families. We swam, but once the meats were cooked it started to pour, thunder and lightning everywhere and it was like that for the rest of the evening. So, instead of swimming, which was the plan, we all went inside and watched the new Indiana Jones movie. It was a great time. :)

So my Fourth was...... very different then i am used to.

For the past 10, yes 10, years this has been my usual routine.

Usually, I am up at 5 getting ready to either help my mom with the Parade or her guard, last two years have been my own guard. :) At 7 I'm watching the balloons because.... heck why not, I'm up. I'm there till about 12:30 doing Parade stuff and walking the stinking thing. Always so hot.!!! haha but my Mom is yet again awesome and in her awsomeness we, meaning Lizzy and i, have not really walked the parade route but have driven in a golf cart. (but, that has only been going for about 3 years now.)

As a family we usually go to the Provo Arts Festival and walk around get the good food and maybe purchase something... like remember that one time, Lizzy, a discover toys thing was there and we purchased Labyrinth? good times

Ooo.... know what movie I'm watching this weekend.

Go home, eat some traditional Fourth of July food and then it's off to "STADIUM OF FIRE Dum da DUM!.... watch the fire burn higher and HIGHER!!!"

This year,

I got to sleep in, hazaah for that, then Dan and I went to the Outlet mall to see what sales were happening. Was Banana Republic having yet another awesome sale were everything in the store was 40% off? Yes, they were. But, instead of me getting something. We got Dan a new t shirt for under 8 bucks and a new sweater that was under 8 bucks too. :) LOVE BANANA REPUBLIC OUTLET!!!!

But, i did not leave empty handed. Dan let me get this new purse.


My red one is almost done.
Love my Husband!!

After that we went home, laid about for a few hours and then went to our Church building, which is right across the street from the Country Club which shot off fireworks.

Got there at 6 had hot dogs or hamburger and watermelon,

My time to complain, Okay so my ward ROCKS!!! Seriously best ward that i have ever been in. This event was a stake activity. We, as in 5th ward, were in charge of the grills, meats and watermelon. All the other wards were to bring salads, chips, treats....etc to share. Did they bring anything? NO, they did not. The people who brought stuff for salads and etc, were members of my ward because Sue, our RS Prez, sent out a quick email to us, last minute, asking if members could bring salads, because she knew the other wards were going to flake out. As they did.

We sat around for about three hours waiting for the show to beginning. No music, games nothing.... other wards fault. Grrrrr!!!!

Again, let me tell you how awesome my ward is, Friday morning was a primary activity. My ward planned the whole thing. It was fantastic. They asked me to shoot the event for them. (pics will go up when i edited them) They had nursery age games, crafts, thing to decorate a bike or wagon or something for the kid parade. But, did almost the whole stake show up? Yes, Good thing my ward was ready for them. Apparently this happens alot.

My complaining is over.

I had a fun time tho, it was just very very different then what i am used to. :) I was glad tho that i got to spend time with me new family. :)

Here are some images:

My little camera kinda did an awesome job. Shot these with a one sec shutter speed. :) And no cropping either and no tripod!!! I amaze even myself sometimes.