Friday, August 27, 2010

Miss Babes + 4 month shots = Unhappy Baby

Little Virginia got her 4 month shots today. I can't believe my baby is 4 months now. It's crazy how time flies. Next she'll be starting Preschool.

Miss Virginia did so well. She was really cranky thou. She usually sleeps till 9 in the morning but i woke her up to feed at 7 to get to her appointment at 8:15 in the morning, so it didn't start out to super hot. She cried for the very first time for our Pediatrician when she was giving babes her check up. She calmed down super fast but then the girl came in to administer the shots. Before i go on.....lets back track a tiny bit ...

For babies 2 month shots, we were in Houston and went to the local health clinic and got her shots for five dollars! with no insurance Awesome!!! Where she was so cute and smiley in my arms. When the woman at the clinic was administering her the rotavirus, which they do threw the mouth now, she was giving me the biggest grin and was enjoying herself. Then the shot in her leg came. Her face expression was so sad. It went from pure elation to shear misery. I have never heard my baby cry that hard and loud before. Once she got out of my hands and into daddies she settled down instantly and even giggled with joy when she was getting put in to her car seat, cause she knew that meant she was leaving the awful place which caused her pain. My baby was not super happy with me for the next 48 hours, she only wanted me to hold her to feed. :(

Back to today.... I was expecting the same thing this time and I was a little heart broken going in. When the nurse came in to administer the shots this time, babes was just put on the table and i was to hold her down. She was tried but she was doing great when she remembered what the liquid stuff going in her mouth was... She got nervous and started to cry. Then the shots came again. She cried super loud and hard just like last time but then.... once it was over and she knew that it was, she stopped crying even before i had the chance to pick her up and calm her down. Serious!! She was super great and awesome. I love my babes and she loves me :) She slept almost all day and during one of her naps I decided to lay down with her. At one point she woke up crying but then saw me laying next to her and stopped, smiled and went straight back to sleep. She's just a little crank today, but she has every right to be one. :)

We shall see what takes place during her 6 month shots. :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspiring Images

Check these images out!!!  They are inspiring. I miss having a studio where i could create such beautiful imagery and such awesome friends who were willing to model for me. 

Aren't they just beautiful?!? 

I located these at Eliza Magazine. I believe it was in their Summer 2009 issue. The Photographer is Angela Pierce, now Angela Kohler. I love her stuff and have been inspired by her work for several years now. I hope to be her some day. 


Monday, August 23, 2010

What We Did This Summer

As most of you know we spent the Summer in Houston living with my Dad and Veniece. We had so much fun. Thank you Dad and Veniece for welcoming us into your home.  We Love you and were super sad to leave. Seriously I cried like a baby. I had such a good time there.

Before I finish my little thank you rant. Lets start from the beginning. Remember we went to DC with my Mom, Grandma, Elizabeth and Audrey at the end of May to the beginning of June. (if you missed that entry read this one, yes it was only like two posts ago... I am lame i know!) I'll remind you of what we did if you don't feel like rereading it.

After Washington DC, we flew straight to Houston to celebrate and watch Matthew walk at his High School Graduation Cerermony.

We returned to El Paso for a baby's check up on her hips.

After the two days, 14 hour drive later, we were back in Houston from El Paso

We spent the week with Katherine, Audrey and Michaela before everyone took off from their visit.

For Matt and Sammy, who graduated the year before, Dad and Veniece took them on a Cruise in Norway.  Sweet right? They were gone for two weeks exactly. It was a nice break for Dan and I after so much traveling and family time.

After that we had a great time getting to be with the Griffin side of the Family.

Here is a small sample of what we did, with what else?.... Pictures!!! Hooray

I love the fourth it's my favorite Holiday, so of course i had to take some pictures of some fireworks. I thought these images turned out great.

We of course went boating many times through out the summer. I got super good at the the wakeboard. I feel more confidant then ever on it. 

Baby loved to boat too. She fell right to sleep anytime we were on it. 

Dan's doesn't enjoy the sport part of boating, but he love just sitting in the boat and sleeping. My Dad love LOVES his boat. That's him dancing to a song. 
This particular adventure out to the lake was a really fan. One of my bestest of friends, Scott, from Orem now lives in Austin, with his wife Abigail. (I can't believe that we have know each other since 7th grade and still keep in contact. I love it.) I digress, one Saturday they came out to the lake, which is half way between Austin and Houston, and joined us in a fantastic day of fun. We also stopped by the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery and had a few cups of ice cream that day...... mmmmmmmm :) 


The first weekend in August we went up to Dallas and spend Saturday and Sunday with my Uncle Gary.
 He put us up in this beautiful, newly renovated 1920's hotel called the Belmont. It was gorgous and had a very Minimalist feel to it. 

Here was our view from our bedroom. Awesome right? Beautiful picture of down town Dallas.

Baby!! She loves to suck that thumb of hers. She discovered it around 7 weeks and has not stopped sucking it since. It's super cute. :) 

Here's babes with Grandpa!!
She loved him 

My little girl also loves to smile, giggle and talk to anyone. Seriously, on our flight to Utah, Baby and I sat next to a very nice man she was smiling at him and him her. When she started to smile at me for a while then looked back at the man and noticed that he was not looking at her anymore, she screamed a little giggle to make him look, once he did she just gave the largest grin to him. Here she is right before we were leaving Utah to come home to El Paso. Our trip to Utah was great. I saw everyone i wanted to see and have baby meet. 

Thank you Mommy I love you. :) 

This is baby back in El Paso. She had traveled so much this summer i don't blame my baby for just wanting to sleep.