Friday, March 25, 2011

11 Months And A Few Carzy Things My Baby Does

My baby is 11 months!!
What?!?! I'm going to have a one year old in one month.

Seriously... I've been told that time flies when you have children but I never realized how fast the year goes. This has been, by far, the fastest year of my life.

I can't get you picture cause my computer is out of commission again. I believe it might be our battery that is over heating the cord. I've had it now for three and a half years and the batteries are not really meant to last that long. So we need to get another cord and then just take the battery out and have it constantly plugged in. When ever i pulled out the charger the last couple of times before it gave out, it would burn my fingers and i have never had that happen ever.... I digress to often sometimes... so no picture of the cute little girl and her 11 month old smile.

Somethings about her at 11 months:

1. Can babies become faster crawlers? I really thought that she had reached the peak of her fastness but i was wrong. She is faster and faster every day and just loves to crawl. By far her favorite thing to do is crawl around the kitchen just gabbing and screaming at herself. She has no where to go she just crawls in a circle seeing how fast she can go.

2. Still no teeth.

3. She is starting to wavy goodbye and hello to people.

4. She is starting to understand what we are telling her. She response to No and in a good way too. I've had the crying happen when I really say No to her tho. It's usually when I get nervous of what she is doing and tell her really loudly NO.. and it scares her. She's a little scaredy cat. For example the other day I downloaded an app for her that shows a picture of a animal, tells them the name and gives them the sound the animal makes. When it came to the wolf, she started crying so loud. It took a while to comfort her. Like mother like daughter. I was so scared of those wolfs on "Beauty and the Beast" When I was a just about 6 or 7, I remember my Grandma Cannon taking us to see it when it came out to theaters and during the wolf scene when Maurice is getting chased by the them, I had to go and sit on her lap. I really hate scary movies. I have never liked them and never will.

5. She is starting to dance. She will twist her body back and forth when she here's a song that she likes. She also claps at ever tune that she hears. I really do hope that she has a love for music like I do.
She is so funny. I laugh at her all of the time. Here are a few things that she has been doing for some months now but i just wanted to write them down and remember them.

She loves to put a baby wipe in her mouth, a clean one for all of you who some how think I would let her put a used one in her mouth. Shame on you for thinking I left dirty used ones laying around. ....  she will put it into her mouth and crawl all over the place with it sticking out. If it starts to slip she will stop crawling and re-stuff the thing back into her mouth. This is in no way new. She has loved doing that since she was about 4 months old.

This one is new.  She discovered the oven drawer not to long ago. We have baby locks on all of the lower cabinets in the kitchen and when ever i am in there doing something she loves to pull on them. She then noticed the oven drawer and pulled on it and it opened for her. She was ecstatic proceeded to take out all of the things in there that she could pull out. Needless to say I have now taken everything out except the grill. It's to heavy for her and you need to slant it at an odd angle to retrieve it. Now she will pull out the oven drawer and sit on our grill and just gab/yell at us. It's super cute.

She love toilet paper... well any paper for that matter but this is new too. She loves to pull on it. We have now learned to constantly keep our bedroom room and the second bathroom shut so that she does not do anything in them. I'm trying to avoid the playing in the toilet... gross!

She loves to play a game with me. She will start crawling away from me while we are playing and I'll say "Virginia, you get back here" She will stop turn her head to look at me then laugh and take off at a sprint. I start going after her saying , "I'm gonna getcha, I'm gonna getcha" She then starts laughing even harder.  When I finally pick her up she sequels in delight and gives me a giant hug. I love playing this game with her.

Another example of her scaredy cat..ness. When ever there is a noise at the door like, if anyone knocks on the door or even when Dan or I are coming home and are using our keys to open the door, she bolts as fast as she can from the door/noise.

Those are just a few things that she does and I will always want to remember them.

Hopefully the computer is not out of commission much longer and I can get you some images. We went to the park the other day and she loved the swing and slide and I got some awesome images of her.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Glorious Weekend

Oh my goodness, Life has definitely gotten away from me. We have been so stinking busy. So I am going to just highlight a few things that we did this weekend.

The Corner Street Bakery recently opened up here on the west side. Apparently it's been here in the city for the last couple of years, but it's all the way over on the east side. About a 30 minute drive. We never go over to the east side. Just to far of a drive. So while I was at Ross last week. Yes, I shop at Ross and El Paso's is awesome!! Seriously I have been to several. Houston and a few in Utah and by far this one is the best. I digress, I noticed that the Corner Street Bakery was having a Grand Opening. I didn't even know that they were making one over here.We drive over on that street/area all the time. Target, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble..I can go on and on with what is over there that we visit on a regular basis.  So we decided to venture out and eat there Thursday night. I got a few images with my phone but nothing to spectacular. I meant to take my camera but I just forgot. P.S. it was DELICIOUS! I got their Club Penni and it was amazing! If you are ever in an area with one, go! You will not regret it.

Friday nothing to report. Seriously we did nothing.

Saturday night we dropped baby off at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's a little earlier then usual. She spent the night with them. Dan and I had a wonderful date involving...

One: Going to the grocery store. ( which by the way, is so much easier to do without a baby)
Two: Going to the outlet mall. We grabbed some dinner at the food court. Do not judge, they have an awesome Japanese place. While there we picked up some new things for me cause for some reason I was a little depressed and felt like spending money. Don't worry I had my husband with me so I knew I wasn't going to be able to spend like crazy. I just got a few things for all under 15 bucks. Our outlet mall is fantastic!
Three:  We went and saw the new movie "The Adjustment Bureau"  staring Matt Damon, yum, and Emily Blunt, who I love. If you have not seen Young Victoria, rent it today.

Sunday morning we got to sleep in till 9:30!!! Woo Hoo. Chruch doesn't start for us till 11:30. I love when baby sleeps over at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's. :)

Anyways... I have some News....

This is not in anyway news for Lizzy or I but it's going to be new for all of you.... When I first moved down here to El Paso, over two years ago. Lizzy and I started making simple and small designs for things. Nothing big. At first we thought about putting them up on Etsy but then nothing really came of that and then we stopped doing things. We made tons of designs but have done nothing with the. We came up with a name and everything.... We recently started talking about it again and decided to put our designs up for FREE for people to use at their pleasure. We've been loading the site, researching what's the easiest downloading method, and designing the site now for just about a month. We feel it's time to launch the site officially. It's titled...

We designed this logo over two years ago too. Decided to try and redesign something but loved this one so much we just stuck with it. It really is super cute. I drew everything except the fonts of course. We are so excited to be launching this site. New things will be added almost daily. Just depends on our days at work, school and our families. We have tons of them to put up. Start at this post, it will explain it better then I am.

Here is the lastest design we put up today.

There are several colors for you to choose from. Go here to read the post and download this beautiful poster and check out the site here.

I also have a button up for you to click on to take you there. If you love or even like what is up, please get the word out just a small post or blurb about it would be awesome. REMEMBER IT'S ALL FREE!!! While you're at it, might as well become a follower.

We are both super nervous on how people are going to respond to the site.