Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's time....

Most of you already know this.....

I was bored at work a few weeks ago and created this in photoshop and just finished it this morning.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Bros and their Hoe!!

With Halloween just around the corner and
me recently going through some old pictures that i have, I found this one. :)

I had completely forgot about this Halloween. It was pretty fun and funny. I loved that we went to that real sweet bros Halloween party up in the Arlington apartment....hahahahhaahaha Good times. :)

Love you ladies



Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My excitement for the new Toy Story 3 to come out, is like Morgan's when Enchanted was coming out. She watched that trailer I don't even remember how many times a day. If you don't know Morgan, just know it was very very intense. :) And so is my excitement for this movie.

I love Toy Story. I found the official trailer for the new one online today. It's made my day. I've watched it about 5 times already. I'm lame, i know. Morgan would be proud, i think. :)

Here is the Trailer for your viewing pleasure.

This is a scene from Toy Story 2. I remember watching this in the theater and laughing so hard i fell out of my seat. To make the moment even better, a little girl in the theater screamed bloody murder when the trucks wheels almost run over the cones. At that point i almost peed my pants. :)

I know where i will be June 18th, 2010. :)



Thursday, October 1, 2009

One thing I Miss about Utah......

It's not the thing i miss the most, but it's high up there is....... Concerts!

El Paso is so lame when it comes to people who play here. The last good person/band, that i would see, that came is "The Sounds". I'm grateful that i have already seen them.....PS they are amazing!!! I love them so much. If you wanna see a good performance go to "The Sounds" you will not regret it. Well, you might if you aren't into their music. Unfortunately, i missed them cause of my little sisters graduation.

But Utah is getting several people i want to see...... Regina Spektor , The Bravery, Ingrid Michaelson, BOB DYLAN, Wolfmother, Snow Patrol and Dashboard and Pinback!!!!....... just to name a few and are they all coming in the next few months..... Yes!!! Stiners you better be representing me at one of these concerts! :)

I've seen "Pinback" already, but i would love to see them again. I also flirted my way into the back stage and i had my ticket signed by all of the people in Pinback. Don't believe me? I will send you a picture of the ticket. I keep it in my wallet at all times :) Ryan, their keyboard player was very very hot. I just waited around with some friends after the show and he came out to clean up, we started chat'n and then i was invited to go backstage! It was sweet!

Have i ever mentioned my LOVE for concerts?!!! Well, I love them. When I was single, I at least went to one or two concerts a month.

Katherine, my older sister, is going to freak when I tell her Wolfmother and Mr. Bobby Dylan are coming in concert. She got me hooked on Mr. Bobby and I introduced her to Wolfmother.

Anyways that is one thing i miss about Utah. Maybe, just maybe, someone awesome will be playing in California when we go out for Christmas...... keep your fingers crossed for me.