Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is mind blowing!!!!! Mind Blowing!!!!!

I wish i could be this good in photoshop and other adobe programs. I'll give my self some props cause i can do some awesome things with photoshop, but this, this is unbelievable!!!

He's Swedish. Those Swedish man are very very ingenious. Working at an architect firm for the last 8 months I've scanned through tons of Architectural magazines. Always with out a doubt, a Swedish firm is winning something awesome in Architecture. So this in no surprise to me that this kid is from Sweden.

His name is Erik Johansson his site is Here

Here is his work.

This is not just hours of work in photoshop, but it's a lot more hours of preparing the images. Each image is separate. Almost every element in the image has to be taken somewhere else which means they have to track the lighting, they have to track the camera height, the camera angle..... everything. It's amazing. I'm seriously blown away at how awesome these are. I don't know if you will be blown away like i am, but at least know this is a good three months of work for one image.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Walmart..... isn't it grand?

I know miss Allison Shiffler and Stiners will get a kick out of this site. :)

I miss you two.

I happened upon this site by...... I have know idea actually.... But it's fantastic and i just spend my whole morning looking at it and silently laughing/dying inside looking at these.

It's called people of Walmart (click here to go to the site)

It's picture of folks that make you go....... "Um......that's just not right." or you just start laughing uncontrollably, and are they at our wonderful Walmarts? they are :)

I almost started to pee my pants. REALLY? Walmart is your best choice to get married in? Was there a contest and the winner got to have their wedding free, provided you have to have the ceremony at Walmart? That poor little boy in the tux. I'm sure he was embarrassed. The bridesmaids look a little pissed as well.... ahahahha

Seriously, there should be a application to procreate.

I don't even know what to say about this one...... What era is he from? King Louis the 14th?.... He looks like a character from the children's book Emperors New Cloths. I think maybe Lizzy will only remember the resembles from that Taco Bell book. Yes, when i was little taco bell handed out children's books for gifts. And he looks like the Emperor from that book.

I'm pretty sure this dude got a hold of some woman's garments...... ahahah He's become a legend now and has about three picture up on the site. All on different days and with the same outfit on. The sweater is the only thing that has changed. hahahahha :)

I hope your visit to Walmart was a pleasant one this evening, Capt'n America? Did you find everything you were looking for?

Tony needs to eat too.

My favorite one..... The owner of this truck apparently really wanted a corvette but since he couldn't afford one, he decided to add the back to his truck and make it a corvette. oh and lets add a new element to make all other corvette owners jealous.... a spoiler. Who wouldn't want a truck/corvette with a spoiler?



Monday, September 14, 2009

Our little outings

So our outings over the last month have not been so small.

1st we went to a Diablos games. They are the local baseball team here and they are like a Division A.... I have no clue what the difference between Baseball stuff is. All i know is that they are not in the major leagues.

Our seats and some cool clouds coming in

We lost, but it was a good game none the less. We had bratwurst and funnel cake. There was one particular player, Jeff Vincent, who was awesome. He is their Right fielder and any ball that came his way he caught. He had some awesome slides/catches. He will surely get picked up by some other higher team and slowly make his way to the majors. No doubt about that. He was really really good.
Mr. Jeff Vincent

It was also boy scout night. Little kids were all over the place. Dan and I got seats next to the opponents dug out, lame. The ticket woman told us they were in front of the Diablos dugout. Anyways a cute family a few row back from us, had a 7 year who was in the scouts. He came to the dugout and tried to get a ball from the Cats team anytime they would listen. The mom finally came down and tried to help as well. Eventually I joined in the fight to get a ball for the kid and finally at the end of the game he got one. He was so happy. :) That family was so nice to talk to. :)

2nd we took a long almost 12 hour journey out to Houston to visit my Dad and family and to see....


Beautiful and wonderful Texas Stadium

Was that one of the best games that i have ever been too?...... Yes

Will I remember it for the rest of my life?..... Yes

Was Texas Stadium as cool as they say it is?...... Yes

Was that screen so giant that you didn't just see the players eyes but you could see into their souls?..... Yes

Now if you have not heard of this fantabulous 60 yard screen that hangs over the field then you, live in a cave. It was so big. It went from the 20 to the 20 wow!!!

Was the food overly priced and not so awesome for that price?..... Yes

But was I so happy to be there?.... Yes

Sea of Red and the Gigantic screen

Mr. Sam Bradford getting taken off the field after his injury. He really wasn't all the they say he is. I was not impressed.

WE WON!!! that placed emptied so fast. I was stunned!

WE WON!!! and yes I did "we are #1 finger!"
Jealous are we?
Did i mention We won?!?!

Let me tell you how much we drove through out the Labor Day weekend. Friday, drove 11 hours to get to Houston. Saturday drove 4 hours to get to Dallas to see the game and drove another 4 hours home after the game. We got in very very late and thank you Daddy for driving. Sunday, had a head cold almost all weekend, and the game did not help the symptoms. Monday drove another almost 12 hours to get home. Awesome right? Not so fun!

On the way home we stopped at this rest stop just outside of San Antonio... I vote this the best rest stop in the world!!!! If you have been to another please, indulge me in being wrong but i really do believe this is the mother of all rest stops.

Mother of all Rest stops!

Inside Mother of all rest stops

Playground at Mother of all Rest stops

And this past weekend we went to the UTEP game, their home opener against Kansas. After that dreadful game i will never ever be going to another one of their games again. They were that bad. Dan said that I have been spoiled going to BYU games most of my life and have not had to deal with dumb dumb players and boring games. Granted BYU has had a losing season or two.. or three..... Crowton... you sucked. But man, they never have gotten this bad.

Seriously after our 1st good defensive hold on Kansas, where they actually had to punt the ball instead of returning it to us after either a touchdown or a field goal, we rushed the kicker..... so Kansas got the ball right back. And did not just one person rush the kick, but two? Yeah, seriously that is either some bad coaching or some bad sportsmanship from our players. Also, Utep needs to fire their conditioning coach. Every single player looked as if they had just gotten out of High School, they were that small. No wonder they have only losing seasons. WOW again WOW!

Bright Sun... Stadium is actually built into the Mountains it's really very beautiful

That is how close we are to the boarder.... never believed me till now right?
Cars US, shacks/Homes... Mexico

Lots of orange

All in All i have had a fantastic three weeks and I can't wait till the fall here in El Paso, I hear they are so beautiful. Which means we get to do a lot more stuff outside.... Hooray!!!!!