Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A life update

I can't believe my little baby is two months now. It has gone by so fast. We've also done so much in these eight weeks too. This kid is the most traveled kid, i swear.

Washington D.C.
Flying on airplanes
Going out to dinner
driving across Texas
and the list goes on~!

Here goes

Had baby April 23,

Packed and moved from our apartment from May 17th to the 22nd. We waited till i was more healed.

Stayed at Unc and Sally's house from the 22nd to the 26th

On May 26th, flew to Washington DC for memorial day weekend with Grandma Cannon, Mom, Elizabeth and Audrey. I don't really wanna write out the experience cause Lizzy already did... Go here to read it.

Flew to Houston Texas on June 2nd for Matt's high school graduation. 

Monday June 7th flew back to El Paso for Virginia's doctors appointment.

Since she was breached, she had some hip problems. I'm glad that my pediatrician ordered the ultrasound for Virginia. She had the ultrasound the day after she was born. They came in my room took her and she was gone for about 30 minutes. When they brought her back they told us that since she was breached her hip bone didn't form properly over the joint. Instead of being curved it was flat. It wasn't painful for her and it would not be painful, it would just, maybe, start to pop out when she learned to crawl and walk. It wouldn't be painful until she was four or five and at that point she would have had to have surgery to fix the problem. That is what we were told. I'm honestly super grateful that they caught the problem now. So for the first month of her life, our sweet girl wore a brace.


Here she is with the brace. The purpose of the brace was to keep her hip joints out and in place. 
She didn't mind it at all. She didn't know anything else. She was with out it for only about the first 36 hours of her life and then had it on. We couldn't take it off ever!! Only to bath her did it come off. We did have a few diaper explosions because of it. The diaper went over it, which made holes between her and the diaper and that stuff finds those holes. :) It was funny. When the guy came into put the brace on her and show us what to do, It was so hard to fight back the tears. After he left i just started crying and all i wanted was to hold my baby and let her know everything was going to be okay. It was hard. After a few days of me getting used to it..... Just to clarify, I wasn't crying cause she had a brace it was the hip problem that made me cry.. Anyways after a few days the brace was just super cute on her. :) 

Again she had it on for a month. We saw the doctor on May 24th and he told us to take the brace off cause it was to small for her now and just double diaper her or wrap something around her legs to keep the hips apart. The doctor ordered another ultrasound and since we were leaving in two days they got us in for the next day.

We went to the ultrasound the next day, man the timing was tough to work around but they were great and super helpful, but since we were leaving, we had to wait till the 8th to find out what the ultrasound was all about. Thank you daddy for flying me back out to El Paso for little miss Virginia. :)

Tuesday June 8th was the doctors appointment at 8:30 in the morning. Okay this is what kinda upsets me.... He was in the room for, seriously, 30 sec. He tells me everything is great and we don't need to worry about her anymore!!! WHAT??! you couldn't call me and tell me that. My dad had to fly me back out to El Paso to learn that!!!!! Oh well.. I can't really complain seeing as this doctor is the only pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the area. Don't really want to get on the wrong side with them. Nope nope nope.

Anyways after that, we went to the office of an apartment complex we want to move into when we return from Houston and put in an application. Cross your fingers for us that we get the apartment. Then started the 13 hour drive out to Houston.

We stopped in Ozona, Tx for the night. It's exactly half way between both cities. 

 We have now been here in Houston for two weeks. Dan's working at my dad's office and really liking it. I'm staying home with baby. :) I love ever minute.

That is life for us right now.


The Delivery Story and My 1st Mothers Day

I started this post on May 10.
I am super terrible....

Yesterday,(six weeks ago) was my 1st mothers day. :) It wasn't eventful in anyway but I will always remember it. Dan was amazing and he treated me like a queen. He cleaned the house, made me breakfast, even if it was just a bowl of cereal and some toast. (We haven't gone to the grocery store for a little while) Dinner was brought to us by a sister in the ward.

I cant believe that Virginia is here and has been for two weeks now. I feel she's just on loan to me and I have to give her back anytime now. I love being a mom and LOVE my baby girl. Motherhood is a very special calling god has given to woman, i never believed it till two weeks ago. I never believed i could instantly fall in love with something just by seeing her. She really is beautiful and I love ever second of this experience even if I don't get much sleep right now, I know it will get better.

Delivery day:

Dan and I had to be at the Hospital at 6 in the morning. I was scheduled to have my delivery at 8. We got there and after signing my life away to the doctors and nurses, I was brought into to the prep room. They prepped me and Dan got into his little surgical outfit. He was super hot in it. :) Right before i went in to the OR my doctor, Dr. Phipps, did her last and final exam on me, to make sure Virginia was still breached. During the prepping i was put on two monitors, one to check my contractions and the second to watch babies heart rate. Apparently i was having contractions and they were 3 minutes apart by that moment. I had no idea. I felt some light pressure and my stomach would get hard but it was not painful at all.... crazy. Dr. Phipps said if I wasn't having this C-section I would have delivered her sometime that weekend. I was walked into the OR and sat on the table and was given a spinal tap. It hurt....my anesthesiologist, Mike, started to laugh at me a little cause instead of a yell or being silent like most people I went "owe...that hurt" Then I started to laugh cause my butt instantly was numb. My nurse, Irene, who prepped me said lets get your legs on the table before you can't feel those. I was laughing so hard, it was the funniest feeling ever. She had to lift my right leg on the table cause i couldn't feel it anymore. I was pretty calm and good up until they started to prep me on the table, putting up the curtain, i could tell they were cleaning my stomach...etc. Dan was still not in the room with me and at that point I really was freaking out. Mike tried to help me calm down but it wasn't working. Once Dr. Phipps saw my face, she yelled out, "Get the husband in here" I must have looked super frightened cause Dan came in and I felt tons better. Since the NFL draft was on the night before and Dan and I watched it, he started to talk about that to get my mind off of what was happening to me. Dr. Phipps was great and told Dan and I what exactly she was doing. I will never forget those few sec before i heard Virginia scream... what a rude awakening right? All content and then BAM her life is turned upside down. Dr. Phipps said " I see a butt, a cute little butt and now here she is....." then screaming :) I have healed beautifully, at least that is what my doctor tells me. I never needed to use a narcotic. They gave me one in the Hospital but i hated how it made me feel. After that they only gave me 800mg of Mortin. I'm surprised i never needed anything stronger. I was sent home with a prescription for a narcotic and prescription strength Ibrophan. I only used the Ibrophan and now I am just on over the counter drugs. (Remember all of this was written six weeks ago. By this point in my recovery it was two weeks after my c-section) 

The C-section was super intense and scary for me. The experinece has been a little hard to adjust to. I'm not ready to do it anytime soon. At least with then next one i will know what is coming and not be so scared. I really think i was more scared of the recovery then then the surgery it's self. It was not fun nor was the soreness right after the surgery. The two days in the hospital were awful/good too. I loved my night nurse. She was awesome and i had her both nights in the hospital. The worst part of the stay was when they made me start walking around. That was the worst thing ever!!! EVER ever!!! I was so sore and they made me walk around the unit, who does that?!!! I just wanted to sit in my bed and do nothing but heal. I understand why they do it. I always felt so much better after I walked around a bit. Sore but better sore feeling.

Jumping to now...

Now that it's been 2 months, I can't believe how great i feel. No more sore nothing. It's been wonderful for about a month now. The first week was the worst. The second week got better and going into the third week the soreness just kinda lingered, not getting better nor getting worse. It was not so fun. By the fourth week i only had a small amount of soreness, i only felt it when i was sitting and not doing anything and by the end of that week i felt nothing. I was excited. I can do it again.... but not for a while... i need to kinda forget most of it. :)