Monday, June 6, 2011

Miss Virginia Update

I have been terrible at this. I missed her 12 month and 13 month update. So today I am combinding the two.

She is really the happiest, smiliest and friendliest baby you will ever meet. Anyone and everyone gets a wavy "hello" and a giant smile and I mean everyone.  If she knows the person or has seen them before, doesn't matter who, she will jump into their arms give them a quick hug then want either Dad or Mom again. I love it.

Everyone loves her. All my Activity Day girls love her and play with her. Dan's Teachers Quorum love her.  (It's crazy how much those boys love her.)  Our friends who only have little boys love her cause she will go into their arms so freely and play. She's just an extremely liked little girl.

She also is incredible fearless. She loves to climb on everything. Her newest accomplishment, which as been about two weeks now, is successfully being able to climb up and down the couch. She will even get down from our bed which is a good foot taller then her. She just slowly glides herself off the edge of the bed then *PLOP* she lands on her butt and then crawls away.

Fearless! I tell you. I took this on Memorial Day, with my phone, over at Robert and Sally's. They have a trampoline and she saw the kids having such a fun time on it, she wanted to join in on that fun. I got on it with her and she just laughed and screamed the whole time. She was just crawling around chasing everyone.

She loves to dance! Any song that comes on she starts to twist and wave her hands. Now that she is more comfortable with standing she will bounce up and down. Her favorite song. The "Hot Dog Dance" from Disney Channels "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."

She also loves to crawl under things. Chair legs, Toys that stand up, through Mom and Dad's legs...etc anything that has an opening. She's always loved to do that, now she is getting to big to fit under things and cries cause she usually gets stuck. It's pretty funny.

She's starting to get a little bit of an attitude. If she gets upset with something she will throw herself on the ground. I have know idea where that came from. We ignore it. She will also throw things if she is done with it. I'm trying to teach her not to do that but it's hard.

She still refuses to really talk. She says "dadda" all the time but that is it. She as said other words but not on a regular basis. She mostly just gabs and a lot too. It's really cute. I will talk back to her of course. Don't think that I haven't tried to get her to talk. cause of her lack in interest in talking I've started to use sign language. Not a lot but enough to talk to her. She can do "all done" back to me.

She LOVES to walk holding our hands. She has fantastic balance and as fearless as she is on most things, I think it's funny that she refused/ is scared to take steps by herself.

Still NO teeth! What?!? I think it's crazy that my baby is 13 and a half months and still has no teeth. I believe that she is finally teething.. but.... i could be wrong cause i have said this before. She's drooling a ton and is a little bit more on the fussy side again.

She has chosen her blanket of choice. It's a small little yellow one with pink butterflies on it. She loves it and get so excited when I place it on her for bed and nap time. If I try and put another on her she will kick it right off. She will gather it up, hold it in one hand and place her other thumb in her mouth. Consequently, I've now been calling her my little butterfly.

Last one. If you say to her "Where's your belly button?" She will lift up her shirt point to it and say "there it is."