Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fourth Of July 2011

Here are a few images I shot of Virginia right before we took off to the Stadium of Fire, which she loved. Great Grandma Cannon got Virginia and Audrey matching outfits for the festivities. I love the pink Converses.

She just loved Katherine's water jug and wouldn't put it down for about an hour. Wherever she went in the house, it went too. Since this was also about that time that she was truly walking by herself, she was stumbling all over the place caring such a heavy thing. I believe in the last picture she was actually grunting while caring it. Right before we went to Utah, in El Paso, she would walk all the time at our house without holding our fingers (note, for short periods of time she would walk by herself) but if we went anywhere she would want to hold them or she would crawl. The minute, and I am not exaggerating this, we got to Utah, she started walking by herself... without falling every 30 sec. It was so cute. She would also do what my Mom called "The John Travolta" When she would walk she would stick out her arms like a disco dance move to keep her balance and it happened every 3 to 4 sec. She has now stopped doing it.  It was so cute.

I love this child of mine!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Over A Month!!! WHAT?!!!

It's been over a month since I posted.. That is crazy!

Well let me fill you in on what has been going on.

May 2011

Mom and Grandma came out to celebrate Dan's graduation from UTEP with his Masters in Linguistics. While they were here we went to the Zoo and Old Mesilla. I also shot two wedding.

June 2011

Work was busy. Office Manager left for two weeks to New Orleans, her husband needed some intense back surgery and the surgeon out there is the best in the Country. Went to Dallas for four days for one of my most favorite people's wedding, Lisa Sabin. I was so happy that I got to see her get sealed for all time and eternity in the Dallas Temple. I was also able to got through her Endowment session.

Dan also defended his thesis and passed with flying colors. They want him to publish his work and go and get his PHD continuing his work. Exciting and very good to hear for how hard he has been working on his Masters Thesis. I am so very very proud. 

End of June and July 2011

Baby and I left for Utah to join the family and Grandma Cannon for the fourth of July celebrations. If you have never been to Utah for the fourth of July, you must go. You will love it and will cry. Seriously, the Freedom Festival makes you super proud to be an American. We went to Stadium of Fire, where Virginia was awesome the whole time, then right before the fireworks went off and while the "Stadium of Fire Dancers" were dancing to "Firework", by Katy Perry, which was very loud, Virginia fell asleep and slept through the whole firework show. It was so cute. We also went to the Freedom Festival Days, Audrey loved all the rides that she went on. She sure is one cute girl. I also helped my Mom with the Bands for the Parade. I got lots of hugs and hello from all the wonderful people and friends I worked with and competed with. I sure do miss working with a guard.

Before we flew to Utah Little sister decided to call off her engagement.

We flew from Salt Lake to Houston for my little brothers farewell weekend. (Which was also suppose to be little sister wedding weekend too.) He goes in to the MTC on Wed July 13, 2011 for the Ogden, Utah Spanish speaking Mission. Matt, I am so very very very proud of you for dedicating these next two years to serving your Heavenly Father. I love you and will miss you so so much, but i will always think about you when I'm playing your Wii.

We are now back in El Paso and got here two days ago. My body is still exhausted from the trip and Baby is very excited to be back home. She is not cranky and more.

Now for some exciting news..... We are moving to Manhattan Kansas. Dan got offered a position at Kansas State University.  We will have to be come wildcat fans.... but I will always bleed blue!!! We will be moving in just about four weeks. Crazy right?!!?! We are so excited to start a  new chapter in our lives.