Friday, August 28, 2009

8 months of El Paso

While living in El Paso for the past 8 months, this is what i have learned....

1. People are really dumb when it comes to driving,
  • Example one, people like to get into my lane during a left hand turn with two lanes. With out fail this happens 3 times a week on my way home. In Utah i think i saw that once, ONCE.
  • Example two, when making a turn on to another street they usually do it going at like 5 miles an hour, no joke.
  • Example Three, drivers go crazy scary driving mode when it rains and it's a heavy rain too. They don't now what to do with it.
Needless to say, i have learned to honk my horn. If i don't they will clip me or run right into me.

2. People only speak Spanish and if i don't understand them it's like I just murdered a baby.

3. People also speak TexMex, Spanish and English in the same sentences. The local commercials here even do it. It's odd.

4. Apparently there are a lot of abortions here in El Paso because, on the freeway and around town, there are anti abortion billboards everywhere.

5. Also it's my right as a woman to breastfeed in public here in Texas. These commercials and Billboards just arrived. Telling women to breastfeed.....odd right?

6. Any Restaurant that you go here will have a hint of Mexican flavor food... seriously. Example; There is an Italian restaurant that Dan just loves, every entree i have ever gotten has had a bit of a kick to it. Even when it says no spice.

7. Salsa is so incredible hot here. No matter what. I'm actually getting used to the heat in food and am liking it more and more.

8. There is such a thing as expensive Mexican food.

9. The sunsets here are the most beautiful things.

10. The monsoon season last for about three weeks and i have never heard such loud thunder before. Imagine the loudest Utah thunder and times that by 10. No joke. It's loud!!! P.s. I HATE THUNDER!!!!

11. You do not go outside in the sun during the hot summer. That sun is so intense!!! It could be about the same heat here as it is in Utah but again the sun just has a different intensity then up there. If you don't believe me come and visit me during the summer months.

12. People call swamp coolers AC. hahaha not even close. Only the rich people or newer houses, like 5 years old, have refrigerated air. Dan and I only have a swamp cooler. Saturdays we usually have to go and see a movie, go to his parents (they just got refrigerated air installed).... we just got to get out of the house. It's to hot to stay there.

13. "Utah is not green" some people say, but really it's SO!!! green compared to here. SO GREEN!!! I forgot how green it got until I went back up last week.

14. Utah people are cheap but they could learn a very good lesson from El Pasoens. They are way cheaper. Example; the zoo is opening up a new exhibit/area this fall and they decided to raise the adult price from 5 bucks to like 9 bucks and did people go crazy mad and say they will never ever go to the Zoo again with that price? Yes, they did. Come on people, support you local places and help them to improve.

Oooo family lets go to San Barbara Zoo during Christmas, Audrey will go nuts and it would be fun to see the place again. :)

15. Everyone here is a Cowboys fan and it pisses me off!

16. There are some pretty racist people here....really.

17. There is a daily count on how many people have died over in Juarez this past year....It's very funny now actually. Lets see....how many is it now...... about 1400.... wow. That averages about 40 deaths a week... nice. :)

18. El Paso Policeman are not so smart. Check this video out. Yes this really happened.

19. Bugs are not that big of a problem here, to hot and i love it. They spray here for mosquitoes every week. It's very very nice.

20. The electric company has a really cool commercial and campaign. It makes them look like they are the best electric company ever... like superman. But really they suck. There was a small little storm. Small being like only about a 20 block radius got the storm. Did the power go out in some places? Yes. Did it take like 2 hours to fix it? Yes? Does this happen all the time even without a storm? Yes.

So, that is what i have learned living here in El Paso. :) I'm sure i will discover more as the months go by.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making Money..... :)

As most of you know I was up in Utah for a shoot, a well paying shoot many I add, for the clothing company Shabby Apple.

It was fun and i had a good time, but very very stressful. Lots of shooting in 2 days and I'm so sorry i didn't get to see everyone that i wanted to. I really only had time to see my family, which I didn't really get to do to much of that of either. My mom was at Band Camp during the day and was shooting a Movie that she is costume designing for in the evening. Which was sad.... :( But I'm so happy for my Mom. She loves working on Movie sets.

Here are some of the images:

This model, Erynn, I really liked her. I never had to tell her what to do she just did it and would listen to my shutter and when she would hear it open she would get ready for the next shot. It was fantastic working with a professional model!!! Erynn loved working with Beckie, the stylist/designer on the shoot, and me and whats to do it again the next time i am up in Utah.

Disclaimer: This outfits are not actually Beckie's, these are another designers but Beckie was hired by Shabby Apple to be the stylist. Once i finish editing Beckie's images I will be putting them up. :)







Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway and it's Awesomeness!!!!

Project Runway for me is 49er football for my Husband....
(seriously, my husband LOVES his 49ers)

Just look at these amazing outfits....I wish i could sew like this.

hmmmm......I might just have to take a few classes at the community college here and learn how to do some of this.

Did you check out this dress?!? It's beautiful!!!!!! Seriously they did it with a 250 dollar budget!!!! Amazing!!!

Click on the images to see them bigger, go on, i dare you.... it's mind blowing how awesome these dresses are! the detail is amazing.

What makes me laugh is, I went online to get these images and I started reading the comments and some people were mean saying things like...."This dress is poorly constructed," and "Who would even wear it?" Jealous much? I think so.

I have not figured out my favorite designer, still to early in the season.

Watch the Awesomeness of Project Runway on Lifetime Thursday nights
(I'm thinking i should get a little star or something from Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum for promoting the show.......just say'n)



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No good title came to mind

My Husband is the best!!!

He quit his job last Monday to get ready for his new job that starts right when schools starts. Which means, that for the past week, i've had my lunch meals ready for me each and everyday.

Thursday morning Dan had to go to the UTEP and fill out papers to start his Teacher's Assistantship thingy....? It's an awesome opportunity. He will be teaching his own class come this January. Since he was out, Albertson's was having a sale on their deli meats. Those meats are so good, the ones that they cut up and package for you....mmmmm.... but while he was out he got me these.....


I got a little grain/noise happy.... not so pretty looking with all those little speckles.... mental note, don't do it again Michelle.

I'm way excited that he got me these. :) I love flowers!!! I'm glad he didn't make a mental note and think that most girls think like his mom.... his mother hates flowers..... she says they just die anyways, what's the point?


Friday was a great day, I got to see.......drum roll......


It finally came here to El Paso and have wanted to see this since i saw the preview last year and was so jealous that two of my good friends saw it at Sundance.

But i got my chance and it is now in my top five....yes that is right! It jumped right up in there with my lucky few.


proof that i saw it.

It's only showing in one theater here in town and it's about 25 mins to get there. Why it's showing in the bassett Center Mall... I have know idea? It's gross there, the mall is i mean. The theater is not bad and the seats were so comfortable.

here is the theater


This has to be by far the best movie mural of all time.... seriously and here is a close up of my favorite area


Clint Eastwood meets the Mummy..... awesome.....


They PAID someone to paint this?..... WOW!

Oh and it was painted like last year, no joke. It had the artist signature and the year.... 2008!

Here is 500 Days of Summer Movie Trailer for your Viewing Pleasure :)



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Etsy Finds.....

I want these..... and i expect i will be getting these very very shortly... check them out.

I love Jewelry!! and my fav kind is antique with a modern touch, and this necklace is it. Look at it!! It's beautiful! So very Art Nouveau!!!

her shop,
Frills and Fray

I love scarfs.... scarfs, scarfs, scarfs, scarfs..... I have a plethora of them. Sad that i really will never get to wear them here in El Paso, since this last winter i never had to bring out a heavy coat.... charlie brown song...

her shop

Last but not Least.... purses!!! I love purses!!! I want them all... well not them all but i do love them, and i really want this one and hopefully i can put it to some good use in the near future!!!

her shop
Gypsy Rose Handbags

PS, if you have never visited the awesomeness that is ETSY then you need to go.