Monday, June 29, 2009



So, for some reason the youtube video i did for the couples performance had to change the song because of copywrite laws....

Did a mention it was Lame yet?,

Well i will be a conniving and record the thing on my camera and put it on my blog. hahaha :)



So You Think You Will Dance... Is Awesome!!!

I love Singing in the rain! It is one of my Favorite Shows.

Carrie, you remember that time when we watched it all of the time at your house and Joseph wanted to dance like them. :)

I miss you darling.

Any who...

Singing in the Rain is really my all time favorite movie. I can watch that over and over and over again.
Ocean's Eleven is my fav too. :)

Getting Back to my Post Title... "So You Think You Can Dance..."

Last Wed, SYTYCD, had a couple perform "Moses Supposes" from "Singing In the Rain"
It made my night.

Here is the couples Performance and also the Movies Version.
I love to dance and I love watching people Dance.

Oh my gosh, Gene Kelly and that smile..... awwwww..



Remember how Awesome Michael Was?

I wanted to post this earlier but i just never found the time.

I LOVE Michael Jackson.

I actually shed a few tears with the news of his death. He was such a monumental part of my childhood.

Everytime we would drive to California Michael was always playing during those 8 hours.

Even those long 24 hr trips to Texas to visit the Dad was always a Michael Adventure. :)

He was the one that made me want to dance. (Yes, my mom is a freak about him and i grew up watching his video's, no worries mom, i'm a freak about him too because of you.)

"Girl is Mine"
"........i'm not a fighter, I'm a lover"

I now i have to check off another singer on my list of people i have always wanted to see!!

* Freddi Mercury
* Michael Jackson
David Bowie

* gone and i cry myself to sleep cause i don't get to see them.

Michael you will be missed.

My children will grow up listening to you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High School Graduation, Boating and A Plethora of People, makes for one big Griffin Family Vacation!!!!

Dad and Veniece!!!!

Thank you for a wonderful week. It was awesome to spend time with everyone. Veniece, i totally agree, these events...... Fort Lauderdale and Sammy's graduation.... need to happen more frequently..... Thank goodness for Disney World 2010!!!!

PS. My Parents kinda rock!!!

We were in Houston from May 29th to June 7th

Lets count, on multiple hands, how many of us were there:

Dan, Me, Daddy, Veniece, Katherine, Jenny, her son Gavin, Elizabeth, Patrick, their kid Audrey, Christine, her daugther Michaela, Sammy, Matt, Ferrnetta Veniece's mom and Mike Ferrnetta's Husband.

that makes it......drum roll please...... 16!!! good thing my dad has the room.

During our week in Houston, it was def not uneventful!!!

In our week there;

We played three time on my Dad's awesome toy. (boating) I made a Boating CD for our last adventure out on the lake and.... it was funny to see Katherine and Patrick cringe at what i put on it but my dad just loved it.... :) Especially Rhianna's Disturbia.... that got played multiple times.

We went to Kemah, a small boardwalk carnival, right outside of Galveston and right by NASA.

We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and saw the Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit.

Went to a Houston Astros game

Went to one of the best Graduations that i have ever been to.. The Valedictorian quoted Miley Cyrus and the Student giving the Benediction quoted Vitamin C, who does that?.... this graduation rocked!!! It was just over and hour long.... seriously what high school only has a hour long graduation!!!! It was awesome!!! It literally took us more time to get to the Toyota Center then to watch the graduation. Sammy you looked Stunning!! And yes, with 16 of us there, we again, were the bomb dot com in cheering :)

Dan and I, with my Dad, went to the Houston Temple to do a Session. The Houston Temple is very very Beautiful. :) Very Beautiful.

A Catan game was squeezed in some where....as well as a Movie outing. Christine, Dan, Michaela and I went to see the new Dan Brown movie, Angels and Demons. Book....way better! Read the book before you see the movie!

See... never once was bored!

I'm so happy that i was able to spend the time with my family. I never get to see Jenny and Christine and It was nice to see them and really talk to them. My sister are all very amazing!!! I love everyone of them. I wish we could all live in the same area.

All in All, the week was amazing!



Here are images!


Dan and I at the Museum of Natural Science


Baby crying cause she hated the life vest. 1st boating adventure for the week by the third time she knew the routine.


Dad being awesome with his awesome boating hair.

Jenny and adorable Gavin :)


Veniece this image is for you. :)


Cool White Katherine......I mean Hipster Katherine.... Love you


I miss my sister


Hooray for Temples!!!


Love Gavin!! Being cute out side the Natural Science Museum


ooo... shadows....What?.....The shapes are cool.... Fine, View it as a lame artsie fartsie photo


Me with the High School Grad, being bored and lame waiting to get our tickets to go inside the game.


Minute Maid Field


Michaela, Christine, Jenny and Sammy


Houston Skyline with cool Lens Flare


Sorry Lizzy this was a great image!!! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy at Work.....

So I've been incredible busy at work for the last two weeks since I've been home from my dad's. I hope that i can post about that soon.

But any woo.... In my busyness.... Bob and Tommy the Principle Architect here at my work, fell across this and decided to share it with Susan, my supervisor, and I.

It's very very funny..

Again, sorry for all the video post. Three in a row.... Dang I'm lazy.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Onion News Is Fact....

This cracked me up last night. Our Tvio gives us the Onion News.

The woman with the baby, the Denny's in the background looks like the Provo one :)
"As He abandons his previous plans, for example...mumble mumble".... ahahahah :)
"Stop Meth and Tweety Bird tatoos".....hahahah

What really make me love the Onion New is a story.... When i was working at UVSC (now UVU) Student Goverment office, Mike Taylor, a VP, started telling me about a great site that he found and he mentioned it was the Onion News. I of course was like. " Yeah, those guys are hilarious. I love how they make fun of things." he responded with " Make fun of things?"
"Yeah, the Onion is a fake news cast."
"Oh crap, I used them as a resource in a paper."
"you better get rid of it before you hand it in"
"to late"
I was dying.... literally dying. I told everyone on counsel. :)

Good Times :)



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lost + Star Wars = this video

Enjoy a good Laugh with this! :)

This is the 1st episode. Go see the other ones on youtube they are pretty funny.