Tuesday, November 30, 2010

7 Months!!!

Virginia is now 7 months old!!!! WHAT?!?! I can't believe it.

A few things she can do at 7 months

She can Crawl!!! She crawls everywhere. Its amazing, scary and exciting!!

She's pulling herself up on furniture now. She really only does this in her crib and on the couch when i am sitting on it and she wants to cuddle.. I love to cuddle with her.

She rolls over both ways now. Dan and I never actually saw her do the first left roll, but we one day noticed that she could do it.  We really don't know how long it's been, we do know it's been in the last month.

She's now liking solid foods. At first she was not into them but now she really likes them. She is still on rice cereal and formula but we add a few flavors in to her rice cereal every now and again.

She had her first cracker. She seems to LOVE it. It makes a mess but she's super cute while eating them.

She still smiles at everyone and anything. It's so cute to see her personality grow. :)

She is starting to distinguish between people. Before she would go to anyone, and still does but has learned that she can go to either Mommy's or Daddy's arms when she is ready.

She is now teething... I think. She is cranker then usual and she wants to be held by me or sitting next to me at constant.

Here are a few images i shot during the month.

These images are her 7 month little shoot I did. I got the hat at old navy. I saw it and fell in love with it. 

She is so awesome!

 Bath Time.

I love her look... Mom, what are you doing?

 I took these a few weeks back. She was just starting to like her rice cereal and sit in the high chair with out sliding off.

We've done other things then take pictures of babes, although that does take up most of the time. We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I made a pumpkin spice cake, that tasted a lot like my pumpkin roll, but in cake form. I made a triple chocolate pumpkin pie, thank you Martha Stewart, which was... oh, so heavenly good!! 

For Dan and I's two year anniversary, we went up to Cloudcroft, a small mountain town in New Mexico. We stayed at the local lodge which was beautiful! So very quaint. We loved it and it was a nice small get away from baby for a night. 

We've put up our christmas tree, images to come later. Diane, Dan's mom, picked us up a tree at Family Dollar for 30 bucks!! Awesome right!?! We want to get a real tree eventually, but for now, a fake one is great for us. We don't have tons of money floating around and can't decorate the way I would LOVE to. For now our small decorations for the Holidays are perfect for us. :)

Now for some awesome... I am proud of my self...news. I decided that i wanted to lose a tiny bit of weight before Katherine's wedding. My pre pregnancy weight was 138, and i want to get back down to that because of the not much money floating around i can't really afford a new wardrobe... I digress, so for the last month i have been on a small diet of NO sugar and small starch. I started this at 152 and now i am down to 142! I have lost 10 pound even with my small Thanksgiving treat of being off the diet. :) I am only four pounds away and am fitting into some of the outfits!! I hope to get down to about 135ish.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Years!!!

It has been two years today that i married my Dan. :)

He is the best and i am the luckiest girl alive to have him by my side for the next... eternity :)

Thanks for choosing me darling for this awesome marriage adventure...Congrats to us and I love you  more then words can describe and oh yes, lets not forget.....Happy Anniversary!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lazy Days with a Holiday and Birthday in Between.

It's been a while since i have done a massive over load of photos from our adventures. We really don't have that many.. just lots of image of babes sleeping.

Here she is with Dad. She was watching football but decided it was to boring for her and fell asleep. 

I just loved this smirk she was giving me. :)

Happy 29th birthday darling! I got him an Ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins

She loves to nap in the love sac. She also just loves being in it! She giggles and laughs when she gets into it. Dan also plays a fun little game with her in it and she laughs hysterically during it. :)  we need to get some video of it.

At the beginning of October, uncle Robert and aunt Sally took a vaca to Jeruslem, awesome right? and they asked us to house sit for the two weeks. Here is Babes and Dad during a lazy sunday watch/sleeping through some football.

Babes naping at unc's and sally's. I had to take a picture look at that arm... I love it. :) she slept like that for over an hour. 

Look how cute this baby is, I love her... she really loves that love sac. 

Dad snapped this the other day while baby and I took a nap together. Sometimes... okay most of the time... she wants to be by one of us during one of her naps... so sometimes i just join her.

I do believe the last two images where taken on different days.... Dan usually dresses baby in the morning cause i am at work and that "I love Daddy" onesies is his favorite.

At the ward Halloween party. 

That face is so stink'n cute!

Grandma Morgan was a station the kids could go to. She read children's ghost and halloween stories to the kiddos

We are poor and have no moneiez to purchase Halloween decoration like i would love to, so i improvised and have been saving our milk cartoons since the end of August. A neighbor last year had them and i thought they were awesome and copied them. I LOVE how they turned out and am thinking this might just happen every year. I also got several compliments from our neighbors about how they loved our decorations. :) Those made my day.

More milk carton Jack-O-Lanterns.

Our door... I got that door hanging two days before Halloween at Hobby Lobby. It was like 4 dollars, that is why i got it. 

Last door image.... as cute as our door was, we only got 2 groups of trick-or-treaters of 2. In total that makes 4!!! in a 24 hour period. We signed up for children in our ward to come and treat-or-treat on Saturday. So 2 on Saturday and then 2 on Sunday. It's all good, we also participated in the truck-or-treat our ward did during the party and we saw everyone then and gave out most of our candies..... Yes, the door hanging is missing half the H... and No that is not why is was cheaper... I never noticed it till i was hanging it up that is was missing. The part missing was never found, so i just assumed I purchased it like that. I'm not very observant sometimes. :)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Hopping Finds

While blog hopping this morning at work... super dull this morning.... I really do work, I promise... I stumbled upon a blog.. I don't even remember which one posted about these images, but I wanted to then share them with you cause they are AWESOME!!!

Tilt Shift Photography is become super popular with artists these days and this art student, Serena Malyon, has creativly taken the best of a classic artist and added her twist with modern technology.. I did have some idea floating around in my head of doing something similar to this but Serena's concept is way better then what i came up with.

I LOVE me some Van Gogh!! These just make it more fun to look at...

This is the site i eventually stumbled across, My Modern Metropolis and where i got the images.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Fix-It-Friday No. 5

I was going to blog this morning and add some pictures but for some crazy odd reason my work computer is not reading my flash drive.... odd right.. It's saying something about downloading a launcher thing.... i don't have the permission on this computer to install the launcher thing. PS i have never needed to bring my flash drive in. Usually i just email them to myself, but it was taking to long last night... Wow i should have just stuck i with my flash drive is being poopie... but i had to explain I know what was going on.. I am pretty good at computer stuff..  like really funny good..

Anyways I did it again, I Heart Faces Fix It Friday, mostly cause i couldn't get the flash drive to work and was bored. Super busy for about an hour, then all of a sudden it stopped and nothing since.


My Edited

I don't really feel like explaining my process... heck i am still confused at how i did it. I like it. Yet I also feel it's not finished and i can't put my finger on it... I think with my computer at home, and with my better photoshop, i can figure it out. I'm really liking the low contrast black and whites look that is starting to pop up. I believe I have figured out my look. I've been working on this process for a while now. You can do so much to them and so little at the same time. Right now I am digging Sean Flanigan's low contrast black and white look. It's just got a WOW factor to them. Anyway I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

For Mom and Grandma

Here are some images of virginia in her Halloween costume. My mom got it for her because while Audrey and her were in the Disney Store, Audrey saw the dress and said"baby Virginia would be so cute in this" So that is how Little miss Virginia got her Bell outfit. It's super dang cute and I am so happy my mom got it for her. I made the crown and i am quite blessed with the out come.... You surprised i can sew?!! I have many hidden talents. :)

Isn't she just the cutest!!