Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Gifts That Are The Most AWESOMIEST Ever!!!

My Mom and Grandma Cannon, Seriously.......are the boom dot com!!!

My Grandma got me this....


a new camera lens that is 50mm. I love it and am so happy that i have it. :) I played with my friends 50mm last year and ever since i have been coveting one. They are not cheap...well at least for me with no budget... so Grandma. Thank you. :)

My mom got me this....


It's a camera bag that i have been coveting for about a year now too. I had a sick nasty little black thing that i hated lugging around, but with this beaut I'm going to be the most fashionable photographer ever!!



It fit everything that i need . My camera body. My three lens, my flash unit....etc.... It's awesome.




Can Love Be Bought?

In my case.... Yes, Yes it can be bought.

So my Memorial day weekend was Fantabulous. I got off work at 12 on Friday and didn't have to go back till Tuesday. It rained almost the whole weekend, but that is OKAY....seriously it cooled this place from 100 to about 80 it was very very nice. I snapped a picture of a rainbow because mother nature was so very happy about all the rain, as was I. It felt like Utah during May. El Paso people have no idea how to drive in rain either. It's never like this so it was slightly chaotic when we went out on to the roads.


Saturday Dan and I went to the Outlet mall. It's closer to us then any other mall and really i don't understand why we haven't gone there before?!?! It was...wait for it... awesome. You ask "how awesome?" Well this awesome.....


As we were wondering the streets of the mall we rounded a corner and this is what we found.....




I was home for just an instant!!!!!

Oh glorious carmal apples, where have you been?...
in this mall five miles from my apartment.....
Oh how i love you so.....




It was Beautiful!!!

There was also this at the wonderful magical Outlet Mall of El Paso


A Factory Store for Banana Republic. :)
Mom, don't be jealous. I only have to drive five mins to get to this wonderful place, while you have to drive an hour and some to Park City.

Everything in the store was 40% off!!
My husband loves me so much that he got me this wonderful dress.
Thank goodness is was under 50 bucks after a discount like that.


I wore some awesome red shoes with that dress Sunday.

Memorial Day we went over to Robert and Sally's for a family bar-b-que/pool party.
It was really good food. Sally is an amazing cook. Robert grilled just the most succulent burgers and he also made some of the richest and creamiest homemade ice cream I've ever had.
I was a little lazy butt, so no pics, sorry.
They also got a tramp last weekend. I don't even remember the last time i was on a tramp. It was a very fun day.



Monday, May 18, 2009

Bored At Work + TV =.....uh..Tvored...? *facepalm*

Work was so incredible busy this morning, what happened?!?

It's May, aaaaawe... which brings spring showers, awesome flowers, which make great gifts for Awesome mothers and..... The ending of Tv show..ies

I LOVE TV!!! Seriously, It's awesome and I have my shows that I get so very excited to watch.

In no particular order these are my shows i watch and love over any other show.

2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Survivor

I have watched and Loved LOST since the 1st day that it showed. It's awesome and because of me all of my roommates got addicted. :) Thanks for the DVD set Ladies. :) This year was fun. Every wed night, we went over to Robert and Sally's to watch it.

Grey's is my roommates doing. Sick, i like a ginger!!!! Stina went all Lesbo on us..... Alish is dying of some random cancer... and Bri you're all not "scary" any more. Our alternative lives of Grey's is very very random.

Now the credit to Survivor goes to my hubby, Dan. He loves Survivor and although Morgan was obsessed with it......really crazy obsessed. She never brought any of us into it. I've only watched the last two seasons but the seasons were amazing!!! I really thought it was some lame reality TV show like Real Life, or Flavor of Love....

What? Summer sometimes gets boring.

So i started watching it about half way through last season and this season i have watched every episode. It's a great show. Really it is! Dan and I are going to be getting NetFlix for the summer and that is the 1st show we are going to get. Dan says that the 1st season is the best season.

I'm so happy that T.J. won this last season. I wanted him to win from the 1st episode. He is a cute southern country boy who's a Cattle Rancher. He was so honest!!! In survivor that is hard. In the end two are the finalist and the last eight people to survive are on what they call the "jury" and they decide who gets the million buck-o-roos. His southern charm makes you fall in love with him. You know he address his mom with Yes, Ma'me and he knows how to treat a woman right. He got every vote! Every Vote. That does not Happen in Survivor.

Look at how cute this kid is!!! My sister is going to marry him!!!

Then there is Coach "The Dragon Slayer". Here is a video. I could never describe him the way this video can.

Really?!? Mister Dragon Slayer.....fascinating.....You and my Uncle would be best of friends. Jeff, the host of Survivor, loved to hate him. He made fun of Coach every sec he got. It was fantastic.

So basically all I'm saying is...... Survivor rocks and i wanna go on it. Survivor here comes Michelle Morgan....some time in the future......whatever....i'm all talk....



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm The Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad Madam.... Mim!!


I'm a published FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!
Who knew?!?


Go HERE to see them online!!! Maybe wait a few days to see them. The color is off and they gave me the wrong sizes. They just received the 21 images that they are paying me for so really wait until they all go up. :)

But since i love you all so very very much, I will put a few up on here so you can see them. They are going to look 100 times better. (their web person aint so good with images)

My story.....

So, it was a typical day for me....well... almost. Beckie Mckinney, the designer, found out that i was coming up to Utah to walk and asked if we could have a few hours together to shoot some more of her designs. I said yes because i had a few ideas that i wanted to play with. Everything was fine and dandy until......Beckie called me not even 24 hours before i was to hop on a flight to Utah, telling me that Shabby Apple found out that we are having a photo shoot and LOVED my images that i did for my senior studio. (I used Beckie's designs in my photographs. I will put a few of those up for you too see as well). And are willing to give me a shot. If they like the images enough they will pay me for them and cancel their photo shoot that they were going to be having, but we had to do their idea. Since Beckie's line is titled "Manhattan", they told us that they needed office shots with "pin up hair and red lipstick". To be honest, I would not have even done that idea, but that is what they wanted. Now my AWESOME idea that we were originally going to shoot got put off until Beckie and I can do it.

But now i am officially a FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER who is PUBLISHED!!!!! Go me!!!!


Senior Studio Stuff


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Got A New Way To Walk.....Walk Walk...

If you don't know where my Title came from then.....I'm old.

But I did it. I walked and it was Fantastic!

President Monsen was the keynote speaker at this years Commencement. He was awesome and funny, like always.

For Convocation, James Christiansen spoke. He was really really funny. I was suprised at how... down to earth he was. His artwork is awesome. Not amazing like some of my favs...Pollock, Warhol, Rothco...etc.. but awesome. My mom loves him and I have grown up knowing his work. My High School art teacher, Mrs. Clark, is also a giant fan of his.

My family is also the bomb! that's right I just said "the bomb". They were def the loudest out of anybody. It's a good thing that I was one of the last people to walk the stage so that they could judge other families yelling and be able to out do them. I love my family. :) Because of their Bombness i did a little jig on stage for them. :)

Here are some pics with my cute little digital camera that i got at Christmas.

My hubby is so HOTT!

Bored with all the photo opts

The weekend was awesome i got to see Miss Allison Shiffler! One of my dearest friends. She got home Feb from her mission to Russia! I love that girl. Stina, Allison and I all went to Kneaders for their "best in the world" french toast. Seriously, if you've never had Kneaders french toast. You....are retarded and need to get over there right this instance and eat some. :)

Stiners, Allison.... i love you!!