Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Clip for the Fall TV Season..

Elizabeth and I were talking about shows and what we are liking this new Fall season and i remembered this clip. This scene is the only scene that made me almost pee my pants.
I hope you like it.

"Donaghy saves GE comma marries your mom. "
"Laser Shield"....hahahah :)

Oh and Alec Baldwin has the sexiest voice EVER. Just FYIing you. :)


Monday, December 7, 2009

A few things I'm excited for this month....

  • I get to see my family, that includes, Mom, Grandma, Lizzy, Patrick, Audrey, Katherine, Dad, Venice, Sammy and Matt. Hopefully: Jenny, Jason, Gavin. { we are driving through Phoenix}
  • California
  • Cafe Rio {again driving through phoenix}
  • In and Out
  • Found out my babies sex.....It's a girl. :)
  • all my grandma's awesome Christmas treats hmmmmmm
It's short and sweet but I'm super excited for it all.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas time is here!!

Update on what is happening with us.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic and a well needed break for both Dan and I

We had a wonderful thanksgiving day, spent with Dan's family and eating awesome food prepared by Sally.

I made my usually thanksgiving day dessert, a pumpkin roll, which everyone loved. :)

Friday, we spent the day relaxing and went shopping for Christmas specials. We didn't find anything that was really worth purchasing at this time in our lives but we did get some gifts

Saturday, we went to Sally and Roberts to watch the BYU game. I will admit it's not as fun to be here in El Paso and watch games cause i don't get to gloat to anyone. I miss BYU football. :(

Monday, we found out that we are having a little girl. Dan and I are super excited and can not wait for her to arrive in April. Even tho we hope to have a name picked out soon, I'm still going to call the thing a little monster cause all it does is make me want to pee all of the time and it kicks when i find a comfortable position and it is not.

Monday, it also rain/snowed here in El Paso and Tuesday morning we woke up to find a small THIN!!! layer of snow on the ground. But for some reason people here freak out and they closed the schools till 11 in the morning and no one was on the roads. Seriously people, The world is not going to end because of a snow storm. I don't think in all the years I lived in Utah and went to school there we ever had a snow day. It was just funny to see my co-workers freak out because of a little bit of snow and some of them didn't show up till about 11 in the morning "cause the roads were icy..." Liars!!! When i got on the road at 7:30 in the morning it was wet! No ice! Nothing! They just wanted an excuse not to come into work.

Anyways i'm going to leave you with this.....Have a happy fun time preparing for Christmas!!!
Here is a awesome video for your enjoyment to get you in the christmas cheer.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beige or Burnt Sienna?

One show that Dan and I started to watch this summer was the "Big Bang Theory" on CBS. Dan's uncle, Robert, his wife, Sally, ( you following me?) got the 1st season for him for his birthday. When we were over at their place this summer, we sometimes would watch it with them. After some viewings we thought that it was a worthy show to start watching.

It really is cute and funny. I really really like it. Anyways, it airs on Monday nights and thank goodness for TVIO or i wouldn't have been able to read this....

At the end of the show they have what is called a vanity card... don't know what it really is suppose to be, but this is what i read last night....It comes up for about 4 secs and then goes away and in those 4 sec i read this.... "Frankly, every time I hear someone comment on America's...." It was in the middle of the paragraph. I'm a very curious person. Leave me in a house for 10 minutes, by myself, and i will be all over it looking at things. Yes, yes it's also being called a snoop. Dan always tells me i am the biggest snoop ever. Back to story, because of my curiosity i decided to rewind it and stop it to read what it said and this what it said.....

I have long believed that part of our problem with resolving race issues in America is our inability to accurately name what we are. Aside from the occasional Johnny and Edgar Winter, there are no white people. Any child with a box of crayons can tell you that white people are, in fact, beige. The sickly ones are gray. Following this crayon logic, one can easily see that there are really no black people. They are brown. Or perhaps raw umber. Or maybe burnt sienna. Frankly, every time I hear someone comment on America's first black president, I can't help thinking, "No, he's not. He's more like caramel." Which is why I think we should all get in the habit of calling each other what we really are. How can you racially slur a man by calling him "beigey" or "umber?" The answer is you can't. Because that's exactly what he is. The melanin doesn't lie. Buy a box of Crayolas and see for yourself. We are all members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Can I hear a kumbaya?

I was dying. I thought is was very clever

Hope you enjoyed my funny find.

You can read other ones here.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a closet who?!?

This might come as a shock to some friends but......Yes....I am a Star Trek closet fan. I have always loved them. I think it has to do with my uncle's obsession of them and always watching something trekieish during the holidays. And their obsession comes from my Grandfather who worked for NASA.

Anywho...I am one and I love it and the new Star Trek is just as awesome as the other ones.

Did I go and purchase the new Star Trek last night right after work so Dan and I could watch it on our fantabulous new Blu Ray....yes!!!

Is Blue ray that cool? Yes!!

Did I work some magic at Best Buy and instead of getting the blu ray for 24 bucks, i got it for 20 bucks? Yes go me.... (if you see a product of theirs online for cheaper then at the store, just tell them and they will change the price.)

Is my Dad super jealous that I have a blu ray? Yes.

If you have not seen this movie yet, i suggest that you do.



Monday, November 16, 2009

One Fantasitc Year Down....

Dan and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary this weekend. We decided to celebrate up in Santa Fe. It was about a good 5 hour trip up but so worth it.

I get off work at 12 on Fridays and Dan usually finish up tutoring at about 12 too. We got home and at about 1 we were on the road to Santa Fe.

Nothing to exciting happened on our trip up there. We stopped off at the Albuquerque temple's distribution center to pick me up some new garments. I'm a little on the bigger side now, being 17 weeks, I think I deserve a few things that fit nicely. It's a gorgeous temple. Dan's sister, Lovey, is getting married up there in Dec. I will get some images of the temple then. I offered to do her wedding for her. I'm kinda happy to do it. I have progressed a ton when it comes to events like this since Fitz's wedding.

After stopping there we drove the last 45 mins to Santa Fe.

Our hotel, Hotel Plaza Real, was located right off of the Plaza in down town Santa Fe. Everything was with in walking distance. It was a little chilly but nothing I'm not used to and miss so very very much. Winter outfits are just more fun then summer ones. More layers and more awesome things to wear.

The Hotel Plaza Real

The court yard of the hotel

Our 1st thing we did after checking in was to find a place to eat. We had not eaten anything of substance since El Paso. Our front desk suggested a place called The Shed. If was oh so Divine. It reminded me of Cafe Rio, but better!! Yes, there is a place better then Cafe Rio and I love me some Cafe Rio. I need it here in El Paso!!!

While waiting for our table we decided to just walk the plaza area and see what there is. Most of the shops were closed by then. It was beautiful. Santa Fe is a gorgeous place and I would definitely be fine with living there.

After that we went back to the hotel and slept. This kid is killing me when it comes to energy. I have none!

Saturday we decided to go to the farmers market and see what fun things they had in the Rail Yard. It was more then just a farmers market. Its a thriving place of awesomeness...meaning it had shops and galleries. It was oh so exciting. We are lame and wanted to warm up a little and decided to go into the Verizon store and check out the new Droid phone that they have. The girl that helped us was so sweet. She then asked me if i was pregnant. I was shocked. How the heck did she tell that? I was wearing my bigger coat and a scarf. I said Yes, I'm just about 5 months along... She said, I don't look pregnant it's just the way i walked into the store she could tell. I looked kinda uncomfortable. She said I didn't have a waddle I just was holding myself differently. She said she was the same way. She was nice and I liked her complements to me. :)

At the Rail Yard. My little camera is a good little sucker I took this with it.

Rail yard. Farmers market on the left galleries and shops on the right.

After that we walked back to the plaza area and went to my all time favorite artist museum... Miss Georgia O'keefe. It also helps that she was married to one of my all time favorite photographers, Alfred Stiglitz, who coincidentally helped make photography into an art form, and miss Georgia O'keefe did so much to help woman in the art word. So they are an all star team when it comes to art!


Georgia O'keefe loved New Mexico and after Stiglitz death in 1946 she moved out there permanently until her death in 1986.... She was like 99 years old. Dang!!!

Before we went into the Museum, I noticed an art gallery dedicated to photography, the Andrew Smith Gallery, Inc. I told Dan if it cost money we don't have to go in but being a gallery usually those are for free cause they want people to come in see their work and purchase something.

I had know idea what i was walking into. I was floored!!! (I'm going to be name dropping right now and i know you won't know a single artist i mention, just know that they are great and marvelous!!)

They had:
Lee Friedlander
Anne Leibovitz
Ansel Adams
Evan Fredrick
Edward Steichen
Edward Weston
Alfred Stieglitz
Paul Strand
Eadweard Muybridge
Minor White
Dorathea Lange
Julia Margaret Cameron, she was the one who got me to change to photography. The Getty in LA had an exhibit dedicated to her and that is when i went, "I wanna do this"
William Henry Fox Talbot

Most of these artist prints were going for like 35,000 to 60,000! Most of the images that I saw, I have only seen in books. I was tearing up by the end. I love art and I love what i do. I miss being able to get into the lab and work with the chemicals. Smelling like chemicals. My fingers dyed to the chemical dye i was using that day. .......sigh.... Dan has promised me the minute we can start affording everything. I can start playing again.

After the gallery and Museum, it was just a little before 2. We walked around the plaza a little more and found a Subway, because out of everything in the plaza area, it was the only thing fast foodish and cheap...come one those 5 dollar foot longs are a great deal for two people.

In the Plaza area.

I like all the lines in this picture. Still in the plaza

I will write a letter everyday just to walk to this mail box and put something in it.

We decided to go back to the hotel for a while.

For dinner we got more dressed up and went to a Italian restaurant around the corner from our Hotel named Il Piatto. It was pricey and not so good. Our waiter was good at the beginning but by the time she gave us our check she just threw it down and said nothing. Not so cool. So if you are ever in the Santa Fe area, Do not go and eat here. Just because we didn't get a bottle of wine, nor a appetizer or a dessert, cause none sounded good, doesn't give you the right to treat us like animals by the end.

We decided to walk back to the Hotel ask the front desk where the closet General store/grocery store is and get something dessertie there. Albertson was just a few miles away. When we got there we went to the frozen dessert area to see if something was there. While there a little old lady decided to ask us what we were looking for and we said just something to eat as a dessert and we can't decide which one. She then tells us not to get anything with high fructose corn syrup and that it's bad for your health. She then continues to ask us some questions like where are we from what are we doing here....etc and then starts to tell us the history of Santa fe in her own words. It was cute, Dan and I were in no rush so we listened to her and found out a few things about Santa Fe.

We decided on nothing in the frozen food place and went to the bakery area and found a strawberry short cake small cake, with some Martinelli's and plastic champagne glasses. Albertsons was way more fun then the restaurant.

Sunday morning we woke up to SNOW!!! I love snow and miss it so much. Santa Fe gave me the best Anniversary gift it could have, Snow. Dan hates the snow. Really really hates the snow so we packed up and decided to just head on down to Albuquerque early and get breakfast/lunch and visit old town Albuquerque. We got off on random exit and started to look for a place to eat and to my surprise.....there was a Waffle House. I don't know where my love for this place stems from but i do, I love it like a fat kids love chocolate cake. Dan indulged me and we ate there. After eating we decided to just keep driving home. Albuquerque was cold, it was only like 30 and no snow. We didn't want to go walking around in that weather. Santa Fe had at least been about 48ish.

We got home around 4ish and just vegged for the night on our love sac.

All in all it was a great weekend and here's to our second year. Hopefully it's just as grand as the 1st. :)

I love you Dan.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's time....

Most of you already know this.....

I was bored at work a few weeks ago and created this in photoshop and just finished it this morning.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Bros and their Hoe!!

With Halloween just around the corner and
me recently going through some old pictures that i have, I found this one. :)

I had completely forgot about this Halloween. It was pretty fun and funny. I loved that we went to that real sweet bros Halloween party up in the Arlington apartment....hahahahhaahaha Good times. :)

Love you ladies



Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My excitement for the new Toy Story 3 to come out, is like Morgan's when Enchanted was coming out. She watched that trailer I don't even remember how many times a day. If you don't know Morgan, just know it was very very intense. :) And so is my excitement for this movie.

I love Toy Story. I found the official trailer for the new one online today. It's made my day. I've watched it about 5 times already. I'm lame, i know. Morgan would be proud, i think. :)

Here is the Trailer for your viewing pleasure.

This is a scene from Toy Story 2. I remember watching this in the theater and laughing so hard i fell out of my seat. To make the moment even better, a little girl in the theater screamed bloody murder when the trucks wheels almost run over the cones. At that point i almost peed my pants. :)

I know where i will be June 18th, 2010. :)



Thursday, October 1, 2009

One thing I Miss about Utah......

It's not the thing i miss the most, but it's high up there is....... Concerts!

El Paso is so lame when it comes to people who play here. The last good person/band, that i would see, that came is "The Sounds". I'm grateful that i have already seen them.....PS they are amazing!!! I love them so much. If you wanna see a good performance go to "The Sounds" you will not regret it. Well, you might if you aren't into their music. Unfortunately, i missed them cause of my little sisters graduation.

But Utah is getting several people i want to see...... Regina Spektor , The Bravery, Ingrid Michaelson, BOB DYLAN, Wolfmother, Snow Patrol and Dashboard and Pinback!!!!....... just to name a few and are they all coming in the next few months..... Yes!!! Stiners you better be representing me at one of these concerts! :)

I've seen "Pinback" already, but i would love to see them again. I also flirted my way into the back stage and i had my ticket signed by all of the people in Pinback. Don't believe me? I will send you a picture of the ticket. I keep it in my wallet at all times :) Ryan, their keyboard player was very very hot. I just waited around with some friends after the show and he came out to clean up, we started chat'n and then i was invited to go backstage! It was sweet!

Have i ever mentioned my LOVE for concerts?!!! Well, I love them. When I was single, I at least went to one or two concerts a month.

Katherine, my older sister, is going to freak when I tell her Wolfmother and Mr. Bobby Dylan are coming in concert. She got me hooked on Mr. Bobby and I introduced her to Wolfmother.

Anyways that is one thing i miss about Utah. Maybe, just maybe, someone awesome will be playing in California when we go out for Christmas...... keep your fingers crossed for me.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is mind blowing!!!!! Mind Blowing!!!!!

I wish i could be this good in photoshop and other adobe programs. I'll give my self some props cause i can do some awesome things with photoshop, but this, this is unbelievable!!!

He's Swedish. Those Swedish man are very very ingenious. Working at an architect firm for the last 8 months I've scanned through tons of Architectural magazines. Always with out a doubt, a Swedish firm is winning something awesome in Architecture. So this in no surprise to me that this kid is from Sweden.

His name is Erik Johansson his site is Here

Here is his work.

This is not just hours of work in photoshop, but it's a lot more hours of preparing the images. Each image is separate. Almost every element in the image has to be taken somewhere else which means they have to track the lighting, they have to track the camera height, the camera angle..... everything. It's amazing. I'm seriously blown away at how awesome these are. I don't know if you will be blown away like i am, but at least know this is a good three months of work for one image.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Walmart..... isn't it grand?

I know miss Allison Shiffler and Stiners will get a kick out of this site. :)

I miss you two.

I happened upon this site by...... I have know idea actually.... But it's fantastic and i just spend my whole morning looking at it and silently laughing/dying inside looking at these.

It's called people of Walmart (click here to go to the site)

It's picture of folks that make you go....... "Um......that's just not right." or you just start laughing uncontrollably, and are they at our wonderful Walmarts? they are :)

I almost started to pee my pants. REALLY? Walmart is your best choice to get married in? Was there a contest and the winner got to have their wedding free, provided you have to have the ceremony at Walmart? That poor little boy in the tux. I'm sure he was embarrassed. The bridesmaids look a little pissed as well.... ahahahha

Seriously, there should be a application to procreate.

I don't even know what to say about this one...... What era is he from? King Louis the 14th?.... He looks like a character from the children's book Emperors New Cloths. I think maybe Lizzy will only remember the resembles from that Taco Bell book. Yes, when i was little taco bell handed out children's books for gifts. And he looks like the Emperor from that book.

I'm pretty sure this dude got a hold of some woman's garments...... ahahah He's become a legend now and has about three picture up on the site. All on different days and with the same outfit on. The sweater is the only thing that has changed. hahahahha :)

I hope your visit to Walmart was a pleasant one this evening, Capt'n America? Did you find everything you were looking for?

Tony needs to eat too.

My favorite one..... The owner of this truck apparently really wanted a corvette but since he couldn't afford one, he decided to add the back to his truck and make it a corvette. oh and lets add a new element to make all other corvette owners jealous.... a spoiler. Who wouldn't want a truck/corvette with a spoiler?



Monday, September 14, 2009

Our little outings

So our outings over the last month have not been so small.

1st we went to a Diablos games. They are the local baseball team here and they are like a Division A.... I have no clue what the difference between Baseball stuff is. All i know is that they are not in the major leagues.

Our seats and some cool clouds coming in

We lost, but it was a good game none the less. We had bratwurst and funnel cake. There was one particular player, Jeff Vincent, who was awesome. He is their Right fielder and any ball that came his way he caught. He had some awesome slides/catches. He will surely get picked up by some other higher team and slowly make his way to the majors. No doubt about that. He was really really good.
Mr. Jeff Vincent

It was also boy scout night. Little kids were all over the place. Dan and I got seats next to the opponents dug out, lame. The ticket woman told us they were in front of the Diablos dugout. Anyways a cute family a few row back from us, had a 7 year who was in the scouts. He came to the dugout and tried to get a ball from the Cats team anytime they would listen. The mom finally came down and tried to help as well. Eventually I joined in the fight to get a ball for the kid and finally at the end of the game he got one. He was so happy. :) That family was so nice to talk to. :)

2nd we took a long almost 12 hour journey out to Houston to visit my Dad and family and to see....


Beautiful and wonderful Texas Stadium

Was that one of the best games that i have ever been too?...... Yes

Will I remember it for the rest of my life?..... Yes

Was Texas Stadium as cool as they say it is?...... Yes

Was that screen so giant that you didn't just see the players eyes but you could see into their souls?..... Yes

Now if you have not heard of this fantabulous 60 yard screen that hangs over the field then you, live in a cave. It was so big. It went from the 20 to the 20 wow!!!

Was the food overly priced and not so awesome for that price?..... Yes

But was I so happy to be there?.... Yes

Sea of Red and the Gigantic screen

Mr. Sam Bradford getting taken off the field after his injury. He really wasn't all the they say he is. I was not impressed.

WE WON!!! that placed emptied so fast. I was stunned!

WE WON!!! and yes I did "we are #1 finger!"
Jealous are we?
Did i mention We won?!?!

Let me tell you how much we drove through out the Labor Day weekend. Friday, drove 11 hours to get to Houston. Saturday drove 4 hours to get to Dallas to see the game and drove another 4 hours home after the game. We got in very very late and thank you Daddy for driving. Sunday, had a head cold almost all weekend, and the game did not help the symptoms. Monday drove another almost 12 hours to get home. Awesome right? Not so fun!

On the way home we stopped at this rest stop just outside of San Antonio... I vote this the best rest stop in the world!!!! If you have been to another please, indulge me in being wrong but i really do believe this is the mother of all rest stops.

Mother of all Rest stops!

Inside Mother of all rest stops

Playground at Mother of all Rest stops

And this past weekend we went to the UTEP game, their home opener against Kansas. After that dreadful game i will never ever be going to another one of their games again. They were that bad. Dan said that I have been spoiled going to BYU games most of my life and have not had to deal with dumb dumb players and boring games. Granted BYU has had a losing season or two.. or three..... Crowton... you sucked. But man, they never have gotten this bad.

Seriously after our 1st good defensive hold on Kansas, where they actually had to punt the ball instead of returning it to us after either a touchdown or a field goal, we rushed the kicker..... so Kansas got the ball right back. And did not just one person rush the kick, but two? Yeah, seriously that is either some bad coaching or some bad sportsmanship from our players. Also, Utep needs to fire their conditioning coach. Every single player looked as if they had just gotten out of High School, they were that small. No wonder they have only losing seasons. WOW again WOW!

Bright Sun... Stadium is actually built into the Mountains it's really very beautiful

That is how close we are to the boarder.... never believed me till now right?
Cars US, shacks/Homes... Mexico

Lots of orange

All in All i have had a fantastic three weeks and I can't wait till the fall here in El Paso, I hear they are so beautiful. Which means we get to do a lot more stuff outside.... Hooray!!!!!



Friday, August 28, 2009

8 months of El Paso

While living in El Paso for the past 8 months, this is what i have learned....

1. People are really dumb when it comes to driving,
  • Example one, people like to get into my lane during a left hand turn with two lanes. With out fail this happens 3 times a week on my way home. In Utah i think i saw that once, ONCE.
  • Example two, when making a turn on to another street they usually do it going at like 5 miles an hour, no joke.
  • Example Three, drivers go crazy scary driving mode when it rains and it's a heavy rain too. They don't now what to do with it.
Needless to say, i have learned to honk my horn. If i don't they will clip me or run right into me.

2. People only speak Spanish and if i don't understand them it's like I just murdered a baby.

3. People also speak TexMex, Spanish and English in the same sentences. The local commercials here even do it. It's odd.

4. Apparently there are a lot of abortions here in El Paso because, on the freeway and around town, there are anti abortion billboards everywhere.

5. Also it's my right as a woman to breastfeed in public here in Texas. These commercials and Billboards just arrived. Telling women to breastfeed.....odd right?

6. Any Restaurant that you go here will have a hint of Mexican flavor food... seriously. Example; There is an Italian restaurant that Dan just loves, every entree i have ever gotten has had a bit of a kick to it. Even when it says no spice.

7. Salsa is so incredible hot here. No matter what. I'm actually getting used to the heat in food and am liking it more and more.

8. There is such a thing as expensive Mexican food.

9. The sunsets here are the most beautiful things.

10. The monsoon season last for about three weeks and i have never heard such loud thunder before. Imagine the loudest Utah thunder and times that by 10. No joke. It's loud!!! P.s. I HATE THUNDER!!!!

11. You do not go outside in the sun during the hot summer. That sun is so intense!!! It could be about the same heat here as it is in Utah but again the sun just has a different intensity then up there. If you don't believe me come and visit me during the summer months.

12. People call swamp coolers AC. hahaha not even close. Only the rich people or newer houses, like 5 years old, have refrigerated air. Dan and I only have a swamp cooler. Saturdays we usually have to go and see a movie, go to his parents (they just got refrigerated air installed).... we just got to get out of the house. It's to hot to stay there.

13. "Utah is not green" some people say, but really it's SO!!! green compared to here. SO GREEN!!! I forgot how green it got until I went back up last week.

14. Utah people are cheap but they could learn a very good lesson from El Pasoens. They are way cheaper. Example; the zoo is opening up a new exhibit/area this fall and they decided to raise the adult price from 5 bucks to like 9 bucks and did people go crazy mad and say they will never ever go to the Zoo again with that price? Yes, they did. Come on people, support you local places and help them to improve.

Oooo family lets go to San Barbara Zoo during Christmas, Audrey will go nuts and it would be fun to see the place again. :)

15. Everyone here is a Cowboys fan and it pisses me off!

16. There are some pretty racist people here....really.

17. There is a daily count on how many people have died over in Juarez this past year....It's very funny now actually. Lets see....how many is it now...... about 1400.... wow. That averages about 40 deaths a week... nice. :)

18. El Paso Policeman are not so smart. Check this video out. Yes this really happened.

19. Bugs are not that big of a problem here, to hot and i love it. They spray here for mosquitoes every week. It's very very nice.

20. The electric company has a really cool commercial and campaign. It makes them look like they are the best electric company ever... like superman. But really they suck. There was a small little storm. Small being like only about a 20 block radius got the storm. Did the power go out in some places? Yes. Did it take like 2 hours to fix it? Yes? Does this happen all the time even without a storm? Yes.

So, that is what i have learned living here in El Paso. :) I'm sure i will discover more as the months go by.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making Money..... :)

As most of you know I was up in Utah for a shoot, a well paying shoot many I add, for the clothing company Shabby Apple.

It was fun and i had a good time, but very very stressful. Lots of shooting in 2 days and I'm so sorry i didn't get to see everyone that i wanted to. I really only had time to see my family, which I didn't really get to do to much of that of either. My mom was at Band Camp during the day and was shooting a Movie that she is costume designing for in the evening. Which was sad.... :( But I'm so happy for my Mom. She loves working on Movie sets.

Here are some of the images:

This model, Erynn, I really liked her. I never had to tell her what to do she just did it and would listen to my shutter and when she would hear it open she would get ready for the next shot. It was fantastic working with a professional model!!! Erynn loved working with Beckie, the stylist/designer on the shoot, and me and whats to do it again the next time i am up in Utah.

Disclaimer: This outfits are not actually Beckie's, these are another designers but Beckie was hired by Shabby Apple to be the stylist. Once i finish editing Beckie's images I will be putting them up. :)







Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway and it's Awesomeness!!!!

Project Runway for me is 49er football for my Husband....
(seriously, my husband LOVES his 49ers)

Just look at these amazing outfits....I wish i could sew like this.

hmmmm......I might just have to take a few classes at the community college here and learn how to do some of this.

Did you check out this dress?!? It's beautiful!!!!!! Seriously they did it with a 250 dollar budget!!!! Amazing!!!

Click on the images to see them bigger, go on, i dare you.... it's mind blowing how awesome these dresses are! the detail is amazing.

What makes me laugh is, I went online to get these images and I started reading the comments and some people were mean saying things like...."This dress is poorly constructed," and "Who would even wear it?" Jealous much? I think so.

I have not figured out my favorite designer, still to early in the season.

Watch the Awesomeness of Project Runway on Lifetime Thursday nights
(I'm thinking i should get a little star or something from Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum for promoting the show.......just say'n)