Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My new Lover... ssshhhhhhh..... Don't tell Dan

My celebrity crush has been rekindled for this Man...  Why?

We went and saw Inception last night, AWESOME!!!

Leo, you will always be my biggest celebrity crush.

Kinda curious what some of my Friends and Families are, comment and let me know.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why am I so excited....?

Here is a small list that is putting a giant smile on my face....

One, Dan and I found out the other day that we got in to the apartment complex that we both wanted when we get back to El Paso. We won't be able to move in till Sept 1st but that is fine. We are here in Houston for the next month and then we'll just stay at Dan's parents place till we can move in. The best part about the new apartment is we are going to have our own private backyard!! That's right PRIVATE!!! Sweet right?

Also the place is brand spanking new. Construction finished about a year ago. So, clean and pretty. :) One of the best things about this apartment is that it's still with in our ward boundaries. Our old apartment complex, Foxglove, was one of like three apartment complexes with in the ward boundaries when we first moved to El Paso. If we wanted something cleaner and new... cause seriously Foxglove was good and all but not super clean and it is old, like 1970's old, we would have had to move into a different ward and further way from my work. It was like a 7 minute drive to work now it's going to be like a 3 minute drive. Can't get any better then that. :) So when these went up and we finally discovered them, we don't usually drive on the road that they are on.... we filled out an application and were the first on the waiting list!!!

Two, I'm excited for the third installment of these books to finally be available.

They are great reads.... that is all I'm going to say about them. Go read them yourself. They are also super fast reads. I was done with both books in three days, with an infant!!! I just finished the second book, Catching Fire, on this little gadget that Veniece got for mothers day...

I want one!!!

Three, I'm going up to "This is the Place" aka Utah, on Aug 11th.

 And Four, This little girl.


My Morning

This is how i woke up this morning, to this little girl......

kicking, cooing, smiling, laughing, talking and sucking her thumb.... It was really the best and cutest way to wake up this morning. To bad I didn't get video. I tried, but I first feed her and she is now back to sleep. My mistake. We've tryed to get this video on several occasions but she just does not perform for the cameras. Once the camera is off she starts back up but once we turn it on she stops and has no interest.. I love my baby.