Thursday, August 25, 2011

Splash Park Fun!

On Tuesday, it hit just about 100 here in Manhattan, KS. To cool down, we decided, after Dan got home from work, to go to the local splash park. This has been our 2nd time going to the splash park in.... oh.. um 10 days. It's so cute and just the right size. In El Paso, at the outlet malls, they have a fountain type splash thing but it's not awesome like this little park. El Paso is to cheap to ever make something like this. Virginia loves it! When I pulled out her swimsuit she got really excited. She knows, with that outfit, she's going to have a good time. My little water bug! I also got a little snap happy. Sorry!


  1. question: does she know the little girl in the picture?

    Also, she is the cutest little thing ever. I love the picture of her toes all spread out.

  2. Loooooved the pics!!AND I love u. Well, duh.